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Season 6

11 Dec. 1988
Wedding Belle Blues
Allie's wedding day arrives but an opportunity for Bob to cover a football game on live TV may keep the groom away.
12 Dec. 1988
Kate Gets Dumped
While Allie and Bob are honeymooning in Hawaii with the IRS, Kate and Ted's relationship takes an unexpected turn.
19 Dec. 1988
Allie Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Allie's new life is complicated when Bob gets an out-of-town job offer, meanwhile Kate contends with her quirky new roommate Haven.
26 Dec. 1988
The Odd Couples
Allie suggests that Kate move in with her and Bob instead of Haven and Blair.
9 Jan. 1989
Anchor Away
Alice watches a tape of Bob's sportscast and sees an attractive flirting with him.
16 Jan. 1989
Better Never Than Late
Bob's mother wonders why Allie would want another child.
23 Jan. 1989
Moving On
Shortly before her 40th birthday, Kate joins the Peace Corps to cope with Emma's transfer to UCLA.
30 Jan. 1989
A Tree Grows on West 56th Street
Even though Kate organizes a block association to save a park, Allie is elected president.
6 Feb. 1989
The Nearlyweds
Jennie and her boyfriend announce their plans to get married when Allie learns they're sharing a dorm room.
13 Feb. 1989
Wanted: One Husband
Kate and Allie think of a plan to find a husband for their rich neighbor, who promises a hefty sum for their efforts.
20 Feb. 1989
What's Love Got to Do with It?
Allie and Bob fix Kate with an eligible bachelor, while Chip uses girl to court a girl in the building.
27 Feb. 1989
I've Got a Secret
Kate is unable to keep secrets about Bob's broadcasting future and Allie's dating past.
6 Mar. 1989
Chip's Notes
Chip takes notes on Mike Sheridan, who enlists him to help out with a scam.
13 Mar. 1989
Love Thy Neighbor
Kate fakes interest in front of the woman who broke up with her neighbor, who thinks Kate is serious.
20 Mar. 1989
Trojan War
Allie is furious when she finds a condom in Chip's pocket.
27 Mar. 1989
Loan-some Bob
After giving Katie and Allie a loan, Bob offers advice on how to run a profitable business.
10 Apr. 1989
The Review
Kate steps in when a critic gives a bad review of Allie's sushi.
24 Apr. 1989
The Wedding
Kate finds herself having a good time at Lou's cousin's wedding.
1 May 1989
The Last Temptation of Allie
Allie prepares her entry for Cousin Cabot's Country Cookbook contest, while Kate helps Lou overcome illiteracy.
8 May 1989
The Hockey Team
Bob lets Chip join the hockey team without asking Allie, while Kate loses an earring after selling diamond jewelry on consignment.
15 May 1989
My Boyfriend's Back
Allie's old boyfriend returns to New York for the opening of his off-Broadway play, which happens to be based on their romance.
22 May 1989
What a Wonderful Episode
Kate and Allie plan a party at a children's hospital and mixup the checks in the process and go through a comedy of errors to get it all straight.

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