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Season 4

24 Sep. 1987
Call of the Wild
Cliff & Clair are excited about Sondra & Elvin's plans for grad school, but when they return from their honeymoon, the newlyweds announce other plans. Elvin & Sondra plan to open a wilderness store.
1 Oct. 1987
Clair is concerned when Theo comes home late after a cross country meet and the principal calls the house. She decides to investigate what happened by holding a mock trial.
8 Oct. 1987
It Ain't Easy Being Green
Cliff has a hard time saying goodbye to his old water heater while Rudy and Clair get into a fight because Clair won't let Rudy wear a summer dress to a winter birthday party.
15 Oct. 1987
Cliff's Mistake
Cliff loses a very important power drill that he borrowed from his neighbor, Jeffery. The Huxtable kids, along with Kenny and Jeff's daughter, Kelly, make a haunted house in the basement.
22 Oct. 1987
Theo & Walter are studying Shakespeare for school but are not enthused. Cliff decides to have barbecue for dinner and invites family and friends. When Russell hears about the Shakespeare situation, he and his friend read part a play.
29 Oct. 1987
That's Not What I Said
Theo's friend gets into an altercation which gets Theo sent to a police station in Coney Island. The altercation gets Cliff and Clair into a fight, and they completely forget about Theo's punishment.
5 Nov. 1987
Autumn Gifts
The Huxtables have a problem when they find out the old woman Rudy visits with refuses to take her medication and becomes forgetful; everybody makes several humorous attempts to convince Mrs. Hickson why she needs to take her pills.
12 Nov. 1987
Looking Back
Sondra & Elvin have their first marital spat, but it is Elvin who runs home to the parents - Sondra's parents! As Elvin gives his side of the story, flashbacks are shown about Sondra's different boyfriends and their first meeting of Elvin.
19 Nov. 1987
Where's Rudy?
The Huxtables head to the mall where Clair enters her garden squash in a contest. Theo and Vanessa are in charge of watching Rudy but they lose track of her. Rudy meets a girl her age and they play together.
3 Dec. 1987
Dance Mania
Theo is upset after his friend, Cockroach, takes the last available spot on the TV show "Dance Mania."
10 Dec. 1987
The Locker Room
Vanessa dates Theo's friend Lyle, and Theo objects. Cliff wants to find out how Rudy makes milk vanish.
17 Dec. 1987
The Show Must Go On
Cliff is excited to take Rudy and six of her friends to see a Salute to Vaudeville show. They are the only ones in the audience. The children are not the best audience and are not impressed.
7 Jan. 1988
Clair's book club invites their spouses to attend a meeting, but Cliff is the only man that shows up. Despite Clair's doubts, Cliff read the book and joins the discussion. Sondra & Elvin have Theo, Vanessa, and Rudy over for a sleepover.
14 Jan. 1988
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Theo works on his psychic abilities but does not have much success. Rudy thinks her teacher hates her and tells her parents her problems. One of which is a music recital where she has to play the violin instead of a more fun instrument.
21 Jan. 1988
The Visit
One of Theo's high school friends has cancer and is in the hospital. Theo is hesitant to visit him because it is depressing. Sondra is on a trip without Elvin and he is lonely.
4 Feb. 1988
The Drum Major
Vanessa tries out for drum major but keeps getting blocked. Theo finds out it is because no girl has ever been drum major and tries to help. A musician friend of Russell's is in town for a show. Russell tries to repay a debt to his friend.
11 Feb. 1988
One tile falls from the bathroom wall, and as Cliff tries to repair it, the problem gets bigger. Clair asks friends of Sondra & Elvin to repair it before Cliff destroys the house when he tries to repair it.
18 Feb. 1988
Once Upon a Time
Rudy reads a story she wrote to Cliff and Clair about a happy land where the residents are taken prisoner by the evil king and his men, as acted out in a fantasy sequence by all the characters.
25 Feb. 1988
The Harmons, friends of the Huxtables, come over for a visit. Cliff and Dr. Harmon get into a heated game of petanque while Theo tries to impress their daughter.
3 Mar. 1988
Trust Me
Cliff has worked straight for 22 days, so he takes a day off. While he rests at home, Theo, Vanessa, and Rudy try to stump each other with constant riddles. Clair's friend has marital problems and asks Clair for advice.
17 Mar. 1988
Home for the Weekend
Denise comes home from college for the weekend but disappoints her family when she chooses to spend every free moment with her friends instead.
24 Mar. 1988
The Prom
Theo and his friends and their dates get ready for their prom while Cliff and Clair have their own prom in the living room.
28 Apr. 1988
Gone Fishin'
Theo goes fishing with Cliff and Russell and hooks onto the body of a dead mobster, becoming the object of a local news story. Rudy and Kenny try to hide the fact from Clair that they're taking care of baby birds that have been abandoned.

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