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Sex & Nudity

  • Frequent references to sex. The main characters frequently talk about getting laid, and one of the main characters in particular is a womanizer who is always out for one night stands. On the odd occasion, the gang visit a brothel where some women are shown wearing stockings and suspenders. Posters are often shown of topless women on the room walls where the gang sleep. Occasionally, topless women are shown stripping or sunbathing, and full frontal male nudity is shown briefly on a couple of occasions. In an episode in the first series, Oz, Barry and Moxey watch a porn film where you can hear the man and woman moaning. But no sex is actually ever shown.

Violence & Gore

  • Occasionally violence is shown but it's mostly mild. One of the main characters, Oz, likes a fight and occasionally beats someone up but it's usually played for laughs. Blood is rarely shown.
  • In the first series, a man is shown slapping his wife. Neville is also accused of beating up a woman who is shown with a bloody and bruised face in a couple of scenes. Macgowan, who is a thug on the site where the gang work, occasionally beats someone up, including Neville. A fight breaks out in a pub and Oz is slashed with a beer glass and needs a blood transfusion. This happens off screen and he is only shown in hospital with a bruised face.
  • In the second series, Oz beats up a thug with an headbutt to the nose and stamps on him a couple of times. It's over quickly and only a little blood is shown coming from the man's nose. There is also a big fight between the gang and Ally Fraser's men but it's played out in comical fashion.
  • In the third series, Oz knocks out a drug dealer with one punch. An hitman is killed by a quick blow to the back of the head. Oz and Dennis have a bar fight with a few red necks.


  • Frequent. Most of it consists of b****rd, a**e, pi***d and b*****ks. But on the odd occasion w***er, c**k, and d**k head is said.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The main characters love a drink and are frequently in pubs drinking or at home or work drinking or talking about getting drunk. Occasionally they are shown drunk. In particular in the second series, Dennis has started to hit the bottle at times and is often seen drinking brandy or whiskey. Beer bottles and cans are often shown around wherever they work or sleep. Most of the characters are non-smokers except Dennis and Wayne who are often shown smoking. There are a couple of references to getting high or stoned in the first two series.
  • In the third series, Dennis is working as a taxi driver and drives a drug dealer around in a couple of scenes, who is shown dealing. One of the main plotlines involves some Russians smuggling cocaine, and occasionally characters are shown snorting some.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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