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Sex & Nudity

  • Henri and Marion are shown in bed together. It's implied they have had sex. Marion is topless. (brief)
  • Henri makes an offhand vulgar comment about Pauline and virginity.
  • Marion's hard nipples are evident through a white shirt.
  • Pauline and Sylvain are shown making out on a bed.
  • Henri and Marion make out. Marion is topless. (brief)
  • Louisette is shown fully nude from the front and back. (brief)
  • Marion walks downstairs topless. (brief)
  • Marion tries to get Pierre and Pauline together, even though he is an adult and she is a minor.

Violence & Gore

  • A brief fight between Pierre and Sylvain. (not graphic)
  • Henri attempts to molest a sleeping Pauline - he is shown kissing her legs, but she wakes up and kicks him. (not graphic, but mildly disturbing)


  • 4 instances of "chick" <<Chinck is not profanity!!! If you were a native English-speaking person, you'd know from growing up hearing it. It's the same as "gal" or in Australia "sheila", slang, but not vulgar slang for girl.>>
  • 2 instances each of "bimbo" "hell" "rat fink"
  • <<Rat fink also isn't vugar. Had you grown up in the US in the late 60s, you might've had some racing cars with rat finks. But in name-calling, it means someone who tattled or ratted out a friend. Please learn the differences between profanity and non-vulgar name-calling before contributing to this guide.>>
  • 1 instance each of "bastard" "big assholes" "cherry" "coward" "creep" "damn" <<"cherry," "coward," "creep" "dirty hypocrite," "hypocrite," "idiots" and "joker" are not profanity!!!>>
  • (English subtitles - US DVD)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some social drinking, including underage drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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