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Season 6

21 Sep. 1990
Fading Away
An ex-marine believe his been abandoned by his peers while on a dangerous assignment.
28 Sep. 1990
Tough Guys Don't Whine
A movie director, who sees himself as a tough guy, hooks up with the girl of a local gangbanger. The gang goes after him and he gets to test his self-image.
5 Oct. 1990
Riding the Nightmare
A cutthroat career woman who's having an affair with her sister's husband starts suffering from strange nightmares about a white horse symbolizing death. The ensuing melodrama blurs the lines between the psychological and witchcraft.
12 Oct. 1990
Strate Shooter
A young man, who likes to always have his way, tries to emulate his favorite TV show and save a girl from the clutches of the criminal underworld.
19 Oct. 1990
Hard Rhyme
A poet, who works as teacher in prisons, steals a song he likes from a convict, who came up with her. He soon realizes that the song is carrying some serious baggage.
26 Oct. 1990
Toxic Shock
A man catches his friend Raskin illegally dumping toxic waste near their small town. They fight and the man is killed, but Raskin becomes exposed to the toxic materials by accident and begins hallucinating and losing his grip on reality.
2 Nov. 1990
New Dawn
An unfaithful husband, who lives with his wife in an artist colony, faces false accusation of murder, when his wife has had enough of his sexcapades.
9 Nov. 1990
A Function of Control
A man falls hard for his co-worker, so much so that he agrees to help her cover up the accidental murder of their bosses wife. However, he messes up.
16 Nov. 1990
Trust Me
A conman is in over his head, when he's forced by an attractive girl to swindle her mother.
23 Nov. 1990
An artists obsessed with his paintings comes to believe that the things he drew are events from the future.
30 Nov. 1990
Working Girl
A housewife catches her husband in the act with another woman and decides to shoot them both, but the mistress escapes.
7 Dec. 1990
White Slaves
Two college students, who can't get a date for the evening, kidnap a woman, but end up fighting each other over her.
14 Dec. 1990
Tourist Trap
A Parisian conman, who rips off tourists, who arrive in town for the first time, finds that his latest mark has turned the tables on him.
11 Jan. 1991
The past comes back to haunt a charismatic white supremacist.
18 Jan. 1991
Living a Lie
A bartender steals one of his customer's credit card and uses it to fulfill his every whim and need. What he doesn't realize is that he's just a pawn in someone's game.
25 Jan. 1991
Made in Paris
The manager of a factory that hires illegal immigrants becomes responsible for the death of one of them. His becomes paranoid and believes that vengeful employees have cast a curse on him.
1 Feb. 1991
A Whole New You
A violent criminal, preparing to testify against his old boss, goes to a clinic to have plastic surgery to conceal his identity.
8 Feb. 1991
A meek man is being dominated all his life by his selfish mother, who wants him to stay with her forever. He reaches the breaking point after having an oedipal nightmare, during sleep one night.
15 Feb. 1991
A woman and her lover try to get her husband's insurance money after he suffers a deadly accident. However, they get an unexpected visitor.
22 Feb. 1991
New Blood
An aspiring actress is prepared to sell her soul just to be accepted into a popular unique theater troupe. However, that might actually be the actual price to be paid in this case.

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