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Season 3

23 Sep. 1985
She Ain't Deep But She Sure Runs Fast
While on vacation in the Oregon wilderness, the plane in which the Judge and Mark are passengers, crashes with the pilot dead. They come across a campsite destroyed by a grizzly bear and a murdered fisherman (Terry Bradshaw).They take an inflatable raft and brave a river full of rapids. They're spotted by 3 men who prey on those they find in the wilderness. It becomes a matter of life or death as they try to escape the murdering hunters.
30 Sep. 1985
Faster Heart
One of McCormick's old flames is nearly killed in a drag race---and then again in the hospital, where someone tries to give her a lethal injection.
7 Oct. 1985
The Yankee Clipper
After a funeral for a friend who disappeared in Vietnam, McCormick discovers someone digging up the casket---and it's the buddy he thought he buried.
14 Oct. 1985
Something's Going on on This Train
Judge Hardcastle gets on a train that's supposed to be for a convention. Trouble is, there is no convention. Several other people are there for different reasons and then start getting killed off.
28 Oct. 1985
The Career Breaker
The judge is jailed for raping a sheriff's daughter, a frame engineered by a sore loser in a fishing contest---but involving more than a trophy.
4 Nov. 1985
Do Not Go Gentle
Hardcastle gets told he only has six months to live, and starts behaving very diffrently.
11 Nov. 1985
Games People Play
McCormick becomes a contestant on a TV quiz show that's rigged by two producers who couldn't come up with the $1 million prize.
18 Nov. 1985
Strangle Hold
The death of McCormick's former lover leads him and Hardcastle into the rough-and-tumble world of women's wrestling.
25 Nov. 1985
You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful, and You're His
At a teen-age beauty pageant, Hardcastle and McCormick uncover a ring that imports illegal aliens.
2 Dec. 1985
Mirage a Trois
Mark is mistaken for the boyfriend of a sheik's daughter, which could put him, her---and the U.S. oil supply---in grave danger.
9 Dec. 1985
Conventional Warfare
A judges' convention is being held at the same hotel as a gathering of crime families, some of whom have grudges to settle among themselves.
16 Dec. 1985
Duet for Two Wind Instruments
Hardcastle and McCormick investigate a case in which the judge's guilty sentence was reversed and the prisoner released, but neither the ex-con nor the victim wants the case reopened.
6 Jan. 1986
If You Could See What I See
Mark hires a former cellmate's widow as a maid and it turns out she's psychic---and is being tormented by visions of Mark's murder.
13 Jan. 1986
Hardcastle for Mayor
Hardcastle is persuaded to run for mayor, but he didn't expect murder to be a campaign issue.
3 Feb. 1986
When I Look Back on All the Things
A default notice on an $18,000 loan takes Mark back six years to the circumstances that got him sent to prison.
10 Feb. 1986
Brother, Can You Spare a Crime?
Hardcastle's ne'er-do-well brother pays a visit, swearing he's gone straight---but actually intending to ask the judge for $100,000 to pay a gambling debt.
17 Feb. 1986
Round Up the Old Gang
Hardcastle visits his college roommate to return a basketball trophy, only to find the man being abducted by thugs in his office garage.
24 Feb. 1986
McCormick's Bar and Grill
McCormick's father wins a bar in a card game and deeds it to his son, who finds the place dilapidated, but desperately desired by the man who lost it.
3 Mar. 1986
Poker Night
Murderous liquor-store robbers take refuge at Hardcastle's house on poker night, with another judge, a cop and a DA sitting in.
17 Mar. 1986
In the Eye of the Beholder
McCormick swears he was bushwhacked by leprechauns burying gold on the property.
31 Mar. 1986
The Day the Music Died
In an Arizona tank town, McCormick finds a rock deejay he idolized in his teens, who's hit rock bottom and is intent on staying that way.
5 May 1986
A Chip Off the Ol' Milt
Working as a paralegal, McCormick learns that a retirement home's owners are engaging in creative management of the residents' funds.

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