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  • Popular comedians watch and give comments about the worst and silliest films from Hollywood.

  • Dan Ackroyd, John Candy, Gilda Radner and Cheech and Chong present this compilation of classic bad films from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Special features on gorilla pictures, anti-marijuana films and a special tribute to the worst film maker of all-time, Ed Wood.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • The opening scene shows footage of a man speaking to a crowd in a movie screening, urging them to be quiet during the film. A woman screams, and the audience evacuates the theater, running from a giant blob. As clips display crowds running away from monster attacks, Cheech Marin, Thomas Chong, Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, and Gilda Radner explain that the film will showcase "B-movies" from the early-mid twentieth century.

    In a segment titled, "Gilda Radner presents Gorillas," Radner barricades the entrances to her house after hearing a radio broadcast about a dangerous gorilla escaped from the zoo. Meanwhile, Radner provides commentary for footage from motion pictures featuring attacks from oversized primates.

    In "Dan Aykroyd presents Aliens," Akyroyd plays Colonel Dan Gaiman, the lone survivor of an alien attack on Earth in 2023. He speaks into a recording device, describing his annihilated surroundings for future generations. Aykroyd then provides voice-over commentary for clips from films displaying alien invasions.

    In "Cheech and Chong present Giants and Tiny People," the comedians enter a movie theater. Chong purchases snacks from the concession stand as Cheech enters the auditorium and watches clips from pictures featuring humans who have shrunken or grown to unnatural sizes. Chong arrives carrying a garbage receptacle full of popcorn.

    In "John Candy Presents... A Salute to Edward Wood Jr.," Candy makes mocking remarks about the production of the 1959 film, Plan Nine from Outer Space, and 1953's Glen or Glenda. Dan Aykroyd arrives on a motorcycle, and gives his sweater to Candy, re-enacting a scene from Glen or Glenda. Candy, wearing a skirt, gets into Akyroyd's sidecar, and they drive through the studio. A man's voice reads a message on the screen, warning the audience to refrain from public demonstrations of affection while in the theater.

    In "Gilda Radner presents Music Memories," a motion picture camera crew films Radner sitting at a piano, explaining her childhood ambition to star in a Hollywood musical. She introduces various clips from films featuring musical numbers. In a movie theater, John Candy speaks to the camera and introduces himself as the manager, explaining that he attempts to keep the venue clean and free of profanity. Various motion picture trailers preview "coming attractions," including The Hypnotic Eye, House on Haunted Hill, I Married a Monster from Outer Space, The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living & Became Mixed-Up Zombies, Black Belt Jones, and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

    In "Dan Aykroyd presents Troubled Teenagers," Akyroyd plays a police patrolman prowling the halls of a high school, and introduces clips from movies featuring adolescents.

    From their seats in the darkened theater, Cheech and Chong introduce the segment, "Cheech and Chong present The Animal Kingdom Goes Berserk," commenting on features containing oversized, mutated praying mantises, dinosaurs, wasps, and spiders.

    In "John Candy presents Technical Triumphs," Candy walks through a studio prop house and introduces clips from films with poorly-executed costumes, stunts, and special effects.

    In "Dan Aykroyd presents The Brain," Aykroyd dresses as a brain surgeon, explaining quirky, less-conventional uses of the human brain. Footage displays scenes featuring levitating brains attacking humans, and doctors performing unusual transplant surgeries.

    In "Cheech and Chong present Getting High in the Movies," the two smoke marijuana and laugh at clips displaying motion picture characters getting high on illegal drugs.

    In "Gilda Radner presents Monsters," Radner, clad in a dress, stockings, and pigtails, uses her stuffed animals to re-enact scenes in monster movies that frightened her as a young girl. She provides voice-over narration for film clips of grotesque creatures and humans with deformed faces. Next, Radner stands with a suitcase on the curb at the Paramount studio lot. After Aykroyd and Candy ride by in their motorcycle, Cheech and Chong arrive in an ice cream truck, inviting Radner to join them as they drive away.

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