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4 May 1985
Special Show: Flex, Sex and Pecs
In this special program, Gene and Roger discuss the recent trend of bodybuilding working its way into the movies. Featured are scenes from "Rambo: First Blood, Part II" (1985), "Rocky" (1976), "Stay Hungry" (1976), "Conan the Barbarian" (1982), Jane Fonda's "Workout" (1982) (V), "On Golden Pond" (1981), "American Gigilo" (1980), "Staying Alive" (1983), "Vision Quest" (1985), "Flashdance" (1983), "Personal Best" (1982), "Pumping Iron 2: The Women" (1985).
25 May 1985
Special Show: This Time We Win
In this special episode, Gene and Roger look at the recent trend of movies that depict a victorious view of The Vietnam War, as a response to the loss in real life.
D.A.R.Y.L./Cocoon/Return to Oz
Siskel and Ebert review D.A.R.Y.L. (1985), Cocoon (1985) and Return to Oz (1985). In the "X-Ray" segment, they look at two earlier Oz movies: The Wiz (1978) and the great classic, The Wizard of Oz (1939).
29 Jun. 1985
Special Show: The Jack of All Films
In this special episode, Gene and Roger look at the career of Jack Nicholson.
9 Nov. 1985
The Holcroft Covenant/Bring on the Night/Target
Roger and Gene gave all thumbs down this week to "The Holcroft Covenant", "Bring on the Night" and "Target". Then in their "X-Ray segment" they answer the controversial question of who was the killer in "Jagged Edge".
30 Nov. 1985
Young Sherlock Holmes/Fool for Love/Rocky IV/The Official Story
Gene opens with a review of "Young Sherlock Holmes" which he liked until the third act, Roger liked the whole thing. They both liked "Fool for Love", but they split on "Rocky IV". They agreed on "The Official Story".
10 Jan. 1985
Special Show: Is Hollywood Selling War to Kids?
Gene and Roger discuss the recent trend of Hollywood's attempts to bring a positive, and more heroic, view of the Vietnam War by marketing to kids as entertainment.
19 Oct. 1985
Better Off Dead/The Journey of Natty Gann/Commando
Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert review Better Off Dead... (1985), The Journey of Natty Gann (1985) and Commando (1985). In the "X-Ray" segment, they remember James Dean.

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