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24 Sep. 1982
The Long Good Friday/Class of 1984/Lola/Pink Floyd The Wall
Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert review The Long Good Friday (1980), Class of 1984 (1982), _Lola (1981/I)_ and Pink Floyd: The Wall (1982). The Stinker of the Week is Homework (1982).
Tempest/Yes, Georgio
Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert review Tempest (1982), Yes, Giorgio (1982) and other new movies.
9 Oct. 1982
My Favorite Year/The Chosen
Siskel and Ebert look at several new releases, including My Favorite Year and The Chosen
16 Oct. 1982
Jekyll and Hyde Together Again/Split Image/Looking to Get Out Again/Tex
Siskel and Ebert review Jekyll and Hyde Together Again, Split Image, Looking to Get out Again and Tex. As well as picking their stinker of the week.
23 Oct. 1982
First Blood/Monsignor
Siskel and Ebert review First Blood, Monsignor and other movies. As well picking their stinker of the week (the week's worst movie).
30 Oct. 1982
Jinxed/The Personals
Siskel and Ebert review Jinxed, The Personals and other movies, as well choosing their stinker of the week (the week's worst movie).
6 Nov. 1982
The Missionary/Halloween III: Season of the Witch/It Came from Hollywood
Siskel and Ebert review The Missionary, Halloween III: Season of the Witch and It Came from Hollywood. As well as choosing the stinker of the week (the week's worst movie).
13 Nov. 1982
Movies We'd Book If We Owned a Movie Theater
Gene and Roger each select movies they'd book if they owned a movie theater. Gene's choices: Straight Time, Hair, My Dinner with Andre Roger's choices: The Buddy Holly Story, Nosferatu, The Long Good Friday.
20 Nov. 1982
Creepshow, the Executioner's Song, Brimstone & Treacle
Gene and Roger review Creepshow, The Executioner's Song, and Brimstone & Treacle. As well as choosing their stinker, the week's worst movie.
14 Jan. 1983
Stinkers of 1982
Siskel and Ebert choose the stinkers of 1982, including Inchon (1981), Yes, Giorgio (1982), Porky's (1981), Amityville II: The Possession (1982), Six Weeks (1982) and more.
22 Jan. 1983
Winners That Were Losers
Siskel and Ebert discuss good movies that lost at the box office, including Divine Madness (1980), Tattoo (1981), Four Friends (1981), Prince of the City (1981) and more.
28 Jan. 1983
Episode #1.19
Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert review Gandhi (1982) and other new movies and pick their Stinker of the Week.

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