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Real-life story of the US Army torture of their own troops
PoetOfTheSpheres6 April 2003
The Freedom of Information Act of the 70's and lawsuits have begun to reveal the shocking use of illegal drugs (LSD) combined with psychological and physical torture conducted by the United States Army against its very own troops on active duty overseas. This was part of Operation Third Chance.

The movie features one of those victims, James Thornwell, US Army. This included the Army's administering LSD to Thornwell without his approval (nor even his knowledge at the time), as part of their macabre and abusive experimentations.

The riveting movie features Thornwell's torture and subsequent 16 year journey unraveling the nearly unbelievable torture by the people he served - our government's military.

There are no multi-million dollar special effects here, just an unforgettable, true story. We may never know the extent of how many other Army staff (there were at least nine verified so far) subjected to this shameful chapter in US Military history, but this movie is a beginning. Hopefully it will be brought to videotape, for wider distribution.

Gary Weibert
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