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'Pieces' is a wonderfully entertaining trashy slasher movie. Dumb, but lots of fun.
Infofreak14 March 2004
'Pieces' is a wonderfully entertaining trashy slasher movie. Dumb, but lots of fun. It has impeccable exploitation credentials - directed by the guy who gave us 'Slugs - The Movie' and co-written by both Dick Randall (assorted kung fu and Emanuelle movies) and shlockmaster Joe D'Amato, director of the legendary 'Antropophagus'(a.k.a. 'The Grim Reaper') to name the most notorious of his 150+ movies. Plus the star is Christopher George ('The Exterminator', Fulci's 'City Of The Living Dead'). George plays a cop sent in to investigate some bloody slayings on a college campus (the movie is Spanish but tries to pretend it's American). The viewer knows the killer is obsessed with female bodies and there is a recurring motif involving jigsaws and mirrors. As in most slasher movies there are plenty of suspects to choose from, including a scary looking gardener (cult favourite Paul Smith, 'Midnight Express', 'Crimewave'), a Professor of Anatomy (Jack Taylor, who appeared in a few Jess Franco classics like 'Succubus' and 'Eugenie'), and the Dean (Edmund Purdom, 'The Fifth Cord', 'Ator'). The lovely Lynda Day (Christopher George's wife) plays an undercover tennis coach(!) and spaghetti western veteran Frank Brana is George's sidekick. If you approach 'Pieces' with the right frame of mind you'll have a hell of a good time. It's bloody, completely illogical and contains the most unexpected martial arts scene in the history of horror movies (yeah, I know...)
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Classic grindhouse
Stevieboy6667 May 2018
This film opens up with a mother discovering her young son with a jigsaw puzzle of a naked woman. He responds to her rage by graphically axing her to death. This pretty much sets the tone for what is to come. Graphic gore, gratuitous nudity, red herrings, horrendously bad dialogue and gaffs galore this is a bad movie. But it's also an immensely enjoyable one. I like it so much that I own it on pre cert VHS, have 3 copies on DVD and will probably also purchase on BR. I just don't tire of watching it. And it's not all bad. The gore is decent. The girls are attractive. It's also part Italian and there are effective giallo elements here. Essential viewing to slasher fans.
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Lovable gore movie from a great, great director
zmaturin11 June 2000
Thank you, Juan Piquer Simon! First I'm delighted by your wondrous "E.T." rip off "Pod People", then your amazing killer slug movie, the aptly titled "Slugs". But now I've seen the one that tops those classics and then some: your take on the chainsaw massacre genre, "Pieces". What an amazing, totally hilarious, totally entertaining movie!

After seeing a little kid hack up his mother with an ax (and the subsequent arrival of the police who have no reaction whatsoever to the woman's severed head lying in a closet), we jump to "forty years later" at a college campus in Boston. We know it takes place in America, because there are American flags, maps of the United States, and pictures of Ronald Reagan everywhere. It's obviously NOT Spain. Anyway, this totally-American-and-not-Spanish-at-all killer is on the loose, collecting various body parts for his human jigsaw puzzle. There's tons of great gore as the unseen killer's chainsaw rips through necks, arms, torsos, you name it. But what's just as good is all the scenes between the gore scenes in which the cops try to hunt down the killer.

First of all, one of the cops is the guy from "Slugs" who yelled "You don't have the authority to declare Happy Birthday!". He gets an equally stupid line in this movie with "Right now we're just buying clothes without labels and trying them on for size." He enlists the help of Kendall, a well meaning student who is played by the guy who says "It stinks!" in "Pod People".

Kendall is of no help at all except for the fact that he stumbles on the corpses minutes after the killer leaves the scene and he romances the tennis pro/cop who's hunting the killer undercover. These scenes are creepy because the actress is old enough to be Kendall's grandmother. Watch for the scene towards the end where she's lying down and Kendall touches her face, then in the next shot he's in the middle of the room, nowhere near her.

Also enjoy the fact that the cops find the killer's bloody chainsaw, but he somehow magically has it back for the next killing. Enjoy the scene where a girl on a skateboard smashes through a mirror for no reason, and is never heard from again. Enjoy the scene where a character we've never seen before jumps out of the shadows, does some kung-fu moves, and then leaves, never to be seen again.

But most of all, enjoy the out-of-nowhere insanity of the film's closing moments. I won't spoil it here, but it has to be seen to be believed- actually, even then you might not believe it. "Pieces" is a totally enjoyable movie going experience if you are a fan of enjoyably bad movies and good gore.
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Funniest horror movie ever
bedlamredrum1227 January 2004
Ok, i've seen this movie countless amounts of times and it makes me crack up each time. The kills are so gory and unnecessarily violent while the dialogue and characters are just as absurd. My favorite part would have to be when Willard (Paul L. Smith) is seen near the chainsaw and attacks all of the police officers unprovoked! The guy's completely innocent yet he feels the need to brutally assault all the cops and even Kendall's vicious 2 X 4 beatings can't stop him. Another classic moment is the random ninja who attacks the woman cop and of course is best buds with Kendall. Classic cinema!
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Bloody good fun.
HumanoidOfFlesh24 November 2003
Juan Piquer Simon's "Pieces" is one of the most hilarious slasher movies ever made.In the early 1940's a little boy is caught by his mother while he is assembling a puzzle with a naked lady on it.The boy gets mad when his mother takes his puzzle,so he kills her with an axe.40 years later somebody butchers random college chicks with a chainsaw."Pieces" is a highly entertaining gore trash filled with enough blood to satisfy horror fans.There is for example a lopped off arm,a severed flying head and a knife through the mouth murder scene.The ending is incredibly surprising and hysterical.There is also a violent kung fu teacher and death by mirror.So if you're a slasher/giallo fan give this one a look-you won't be disappointed.8 out of 10.
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Unapologetically mean and nasty "piece" of entertainment
fertilecelluloid1 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Once again, Juan Piquer Simon fires on all cylinders and delivers "Pieces", a gleefully gory slasher that is everything utter crap like Troma's "Splatter University" pretends to be but isn't. The difference is, Troma's rubbish -- with the exception of "Combat Shock and Mother's Day" -- is boring, this is certainly not. I adore the shot of the shabbily assembled corpse tumbling from the closet. I love the graphic stabbings and axe murders, the crazy psychological motivation behind the killer's blood-stained antics (the childhood destruction of one of his porno treasures), and, of course, the chainsawing of various limbs. Sure the acting is average, but Paul Smith is still great as Willard and Christopher George lends some authority to proceedings. Immensely entertaining and unapologetically mean and nasty.
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A fun 80s horror film!
hender11884 October 2013
This movie is fun. That's all that can be said. If you take it seriously you will probably be offended, but if you go into it with the right attitude and sense of humor you will come out entertained. The premise, execution, and gore is so over the top its impossible not to enjoy. The film has that 80s excess and lack of subtly that frankly I find myself missing in today's super serious horror films. The best part really is the over the top deaths. I won't give any away, but they have to be seen to be believed and they just keep getting better as the movie progresses. Top this off with some funny dubbing and you have a grindhouse classic!
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Naked to Be Killed - A Slash, Gore and Cheesy Cult-Movie
claudio_carvalho24 March 2006
While playing with a puzzle, a teenager is repressed by his mother, and he kills her and severs her body with an ax. Forty years later, in an university campus in Boston, a serial killer kills young women and severs their bodies in parts, stealing body pieces from each student. Lt. Bracken (Christopher George) makes a deal with the dean of the campus, and infiltrates the agent Mary Riggs (Lynda Day George) as if she were a tennis teacher and together with the student Kendall (Ian Sera), they try to find the identity of the killer.

"Pieces" is so bad, senseless and ridiculous, that contradictory becomes very hilarious and a slash, gore and cheesy cult-movie. The first funny points are the beautiful naked "actresses", always naked to be killed – all the victims are women with delicious bodies. The dialogs, screams and situations are so absurd that become another attraction: the tennis player that is an undercover cop to survive; or the student that accesses the documents and help the police in the investigation itself; or the killer that starts killing forty years after his first death with unexplained reasons or trigger. I could list lots of unreasonable situations in the screenplay, but better off the viewer finds them (and certainly will). The bloody effects are good, but when the killer is stabbing a woman on a water bed, the terrible cut is absolutely visible. I personally liked this film a lot, but I only recommend it for fans of trash-movies. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Terror da Serra Elétrica" ("The Chainsaw Terror")
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I enjoy it in a trashy sort of way
callanvass11 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Back in the year 1942, a young pervert in Boston named Timmy gets chastised by his mother for trying to finish a jigsaw puzzle of a naked woman. The boy snaps, and chops her to death with an Axe. Two bumbling cops let Timmy go free. Forty years later, in a campus on Boston, the students are turning up dead, one by one. A serial killer is desiring to form a human jigsaw puzzle with body parts. It is up to Lt. Bracken (Christopher George) a student named Kendall, and former tennis pro, Mary Riggs (Lynda Day George) to try to stop him

I've seen this countless times over the years. It was one of the very first horror movies I ever bought, back when I was first discovering my love for horror films. I wore out the DVD. Last night was the first time I had seen it in almost five years. Did it manage to give me entertainment still? Yup. This is European, so we have to put up with some horrible dubbing. Let me get one thing out-of-the-way. This is not a good horror movie. It is laughably bad at times, with horrendous acting, but i'm a lover of cheesy films, especially horror. The killer himself is rather average looking. He's hidden for the most part with a trench coat and a hat on. The gore is a different story. There are some truly nasty things in this movie. A student is cut in half, a woman gets drilled with an Axe repeatedly. Someone gets decapitated with a chainsaw, and much more. My favorites are the water-bed death, and the last scene, which I won't spoil. Ever see a woman pee herself during a stalk scene? You'll see it here. With movies like this, I tend to ignore the plethora of plot holes, but there is one I couldn't ignore. The two cops in the beginning are inexplicably stupid. How is it that there is no conjecturing, whether the boy could be the culprit? They let him go free without even looking into it. He was the only one in the house when his mother was killed, so you would think they would look into the boy being the murder. The acting is what you would probably expect. Christopher George is enjoyably corny as the Lt. His gruff persona was at least fun to watch, if nothing else. Lynda Day George is certainly sweet, and very easy on the eyes. She overdoes the hysterics in a big way, though. (Here is an example. BASTARD, BASTARD, BASTARD!!!!!) Ian Sera is OK as Kendall, but it is hard to rate his performance, since he is dubbed. Edmond Purdom is pretty poor as The Dean. His thick English accent felt out of place. The killer is very easy to predict. I'll be shocked if you don't figure out who it is, early in the movie. They try to throw you off guard, but it doesn't work. The shock ending is utterly pointless in every way. It is unrealistic and absolutely laughable with what they do. Very gory, but very stupid as well. Another carp I have with this film is that it does get a bit talky sometimes. I wouldn't call it boring, but it definitely becomes less interesting

Final Thoughts: If you love cheesy horror movies like I do, you'll most likely find things to enjoy about this film. If you are expecting Schindler's List, you may want to get your head examined. What can I say? I have a soft spot for this film, and I am not ashamed of it

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A different perspective on this slasher classic
LuisitoJoaquinGonzalez19 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I must admit, it's been cool being Spanish lately. What with the immensely popular and equally as successful Rafael Nadal tearing up tennis and La furia roja wining the Euro then world cup whilst playing the best football imaginable, it has to be said that from a patriotic standpoint, all is going well for my country.

The thing is, when we look at slasher movies, our output leaves me pretty much lost for words when it comes to banter. It makes it harder when I notice that despite a few stabs, this is the most recognised effort of my country's involvement in the cycle. Just a quick browse through the reviews here on IMDb and as of yet, I haven't seen one that mentions any credibility.

So I took it upon myself to start preparing my defensive arguments. A legend of Spain from Simón's era was singer/poet Joan Manuel Serrat. His most renowned LP was Mediterraneo, which got him expelled from fascist Spain for its intelligent subtle lyrics and views on the struggle of Spaniards under El Generalissimo, Francisco Franco. A fine example is the track, Barquito de Papel (small boat of paper). At first appearance it seems quite harmless and even my brother still likes to look at it as a song about a young boy, at a time when money in villages was invisible, floating the aforementioned boat down a local stream (something he used to do.). But lines like, "without a boss, without a direction it travels wear it wants to" were a shrewd dig at the struggles of our people under fascism and the truth was in the subliminal messages.

What if Mil Gritos Tiene La Noche was made under a similar pretense? What if Simón's slasher was really a social comment on our obsession with image? Maybe he was hinting that you can't build the perfect person and that we should all accept that everyone has pluses and minuses and we could get lost in the search forever? Or maybe the chainsaw wielding maniac was our lust for credit and the message was that and we are starting to dismember our economy? OK so I'm reaching...

In the end I decided to try a different trick. I returned home and told my wife, a film (but not slasher) fan, who generally trusts my judgment - that Simón's effort had a 7.5 rating on IMDb and was an intelligent psycho thriller. I wanted to see if the film's reputation had led it down a path of poor reviews because people had read so much rubbish about it that they went in looking exactly for that. Media opinion can have a big sway on our considered expectations.

A masked maniac is stalking a college campus and murdering co-eds, leaving them with missing body parts. Armed with a chainsaw, the police are baffled as to his identity and bring in extra help to solve the case.

One thing that critics never acknowledge is that this is in fact a tribute (dare I say rip-off) of Narciso Serrador's La Residencia. It probably had a big effect on Simón when he was younger and the influences are undeniable. The film was shot in both Boston and Valencia (not Madrid) with producers from Italy, Spain, England and America. As far as I am aware cast members like Frank Bruña, Gérard Tichy and Silvia Gambino could not speak English, so you can imagine some of the on-set confusion.

Admittedly there are some great unintentionally humorous moments that I can't provide an excuse for. The best of these is when a Bruce Lee lookalike violently attacks an undercover Police officer and then the pair laughs it off as it's all down to '..Some bad chop suey'. This was actually intentional as the actor was from another movie that Dick Randall was working on at the time and Simón wrote the scene on the spot to include him in a cameo. You also have to laugh at the funky soundtrack, which sounds like it would be better suited in a seventies porno!

Credit has to be given for Basilio Cortijo's gore effects, which are very well done. The film is one of the goriest of the period and for that alone it is well worth a look. It also never gets boring and has become a classic Grindhouse/drive-in favourite with a strong and loyal following.

You definitely can't knock the director for his effort and if you watch it with an open mind some of the murder scenes are effective if not creepy. Also, the girl smashing through a mirror in the beginning DOES have something to do with the plot, as it is meant to signify the return of his psychosis (it was launched by a smashed mirror in the opening). It's not handled in the best way, but that was the aim.

OK so I have tried to give a different perspective and can openly admit that there is a lot to laugh at with the production of this feature, but then there was with most slashers of the early eighties, even those that did not have such a mixed production (Graduation Day, Fatal Games etc). My wife actually really enjoyed it (partly because she thought she was cool by working out the killer's identity by his shoes) and she gave it the thumbs up (admitting however that it's not scary).

Mil Gritos does deserve its place in the annuals of slasher history and kudos to Simón who said he never cared what the critics said; he just really enjoyed making these movies. It may not have come out how he intended, but I loved watching all the same. Ignore the lack of logic and hilarious dialogue (the water bed line still does it for me) and simply enjoy the ride. Just as the advert said, it's exactly what you think it is...
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The Citizen Kane of schlock
kintopf43227 March 2003
Incredibly, insanely funny Spanish-made horror picture, one of the worst ever made. Others have done a great job cataloguing the abominable dialogue (`Bad chop suey,' `Bastard!-Bastard!-Bastard!,' etc.) and other flaws. I'll just add that there really are very few movies out there that provide the kind of relentless entertainment value bad-movie buffs crave. `Sleepaway Camp' is one; `School's Out' (aka `Schrei--Denn Ich Werde Dich Töten!') is another. But this one may be the best of them all. In my reviews, 2 is the magic number, meaning that the movie is so horrible it's an absolute must-see, and I'm very proud to bestow it here. 2 out of 10.
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Absolutely hilarious
Human_Remains18 March 2007
I had to give this a 10! It was the most funniest thing I've ever seen. Over the top, ridiculous, insane...etc. This movie made my day! So bad it's good. If you take it serious you'll think it's terrible. If you don't have a dark sense of humor it's terrible. The lines and the bad dubbing are the most hilarious part. A must see for fans of bad horror movies. And gore...well gore galore! The surprise ending is a thing to witness! I doubt the intention was to be funny but that's the only way to take it and enjoy it. I was fully entertained. possibly the most funny slasher flick ever made. A must see in my book! "the most beautiful thing is smoking pot and *beep*ing on a water bed at the same time." WOW what a great line! Where can I find a girl like that!!!!!!!!

ps.watch out for bad chop suey!
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Good fun but makes little sense
tenebrae7017 June 2013
A strange slasher film with some very poor acting. Paul L. Smith wins the honours for worse acting in this daft gore flick but he is also the most entertaining as the very unhelpful gardener whose chainsaw goes on walkabout (why he never feels the need to lock it up to keep it away from the deranged killer is beyond me, but then again there are many points like this in this film). For such a big campus we have very few suspects, three in total (which includes the gardener who is ruled out pretty early) which get wittled down even quicker within the first 30 minutes leaving the viewer with only one glaringly obvious suspect, but never mind... How the murder gets around the campus with this chainsaw hidden is beyond me but there are some pretty neat hacking and dismemberment to watch and the piles of limbs left behind is quite comical. Speaking of which, we are subjected to a hilarious scene when undercover tennis playing police woman finds another victim in the changing rooms (this victim is sawn in half and the legs taken. She screams out "Bastard!" numerous times whilst clenching her fists, and then we have a random martial arts instructor kicking out at her in another scene for absolutely no reason..! There is a God-awful and stupid plot twist 20 seconds at the end of the film that makes no sense whatsoever and almost destroys what is a daft but fun addition to the slasher cycle. I give it 6 out of 10 (an extra point for the gore and a rather good axe job at the beginning of the film).
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Slow as hell, but so retarded it's funny
daustin17 January 2001
This movie was completely retarded but full of unintentionally funny stuff, just enough to be worth watching. Every character is a complete imbecile. Aside from the completely bizarre and entertaining ending, one of the highlights would have to be where Lynda George, who is completely incapable of registering any emotion aside from a vague nervousness and displeasure, has a Charlton Heston moment on finding the umpteenth chopped-up girl.
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Pieces of Heaven!
Sanguinaire2 January 2004
How could I not love this movie? It is a rare cinematic occurrence indeed to find such delightfully sleazy ingredients as chainsaw massacres, disco aerobics, on screen vomiting, pornographic jigsaw puzzles, a girl wetting her pants, and a guy salivating over a woman's feet all in one place. Only from the combined minds of Joe D'Amato, Dick Randall, and J. Piquer Simon could such a thing spring forth – and judging from the number of reviews here, I'm not alone in my fondness for this movie.

Many of the cast members will be familiar to fans of these kinds of movies. Christopher George (having already been through Graduation Day and a trip to the Mortuary) is a strong lead as the no-nonsense detective on the case, while Jess Franco veteran Jack Taylor creeps around the increasingly decimated campus as an anatomy professor. Of course the victims are just anonymous dead meat, but then that's all they need to be.

Say what you will about the overall quality of the film, but one thing's for sure - Pieces doesn't suffer from a lack of blood and guts. The crimson stuff flows freely once the chainsaw starts up, and the movie actually lives up to the surprisingly honest tagline - `it's exactly what you think it is' - take it or leave it. And the ending - what an ending!
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Almost A Parody of Giallo
chow91316 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
'Pieces' is required viewing for any Giallo fan because it's almost an intentional parody of Giallo films. I mean that in a good way.

We begin in Boston 1942. Like all true Giallo it pretends to be filmed in America when it's clearly not. Hence the opening caption "Boston 1942" and numerous maps of the USA hanging on walls next to portraits of President Ronald Reagan.

Anyway, we begin with a flashback of an adolescent boy hacking his mother to pieces after she punishes him for playing with a pinup jigsaw puzzle. GET IT? Pieces of a woman's body in the puzzle, being hacked to pieces, hence 'Pieces' the title.

All grown up the psycho killer has moved to the prime hunting ground of a Giallo college campus, where couples casually make love in the bushes, girl go skinny dipping at night, take showers in the locker room alone, and do sexy aerobics late at night. It's a serial killer's dream! The killer himself goes totally unnoticed, despite the fact that he's always wearing a long trench coat, carrying a chainsaw, breathing louder than Darth Vader, carrying around potatoes sacks of blood body parts, (not exaggerations) and doing all this while leering over girls in various stages of undress. He arouses no suspicions. Again, this feels more like a parody film.

Despite the fact that girls are being chainsawed to death left and right on campus, the police choose to NOT warn the students about the killings! Instead they send a blonde cop in undercover to lure the killer out. But with some many students doing things nude and at night it could be long time before he gets around to her.

We'd think the students would have picked up on the large number of blood crime scenes and students disappearing all on their own. Then again, since they don't notice a guy with a chainsaw casually walking the halls maybe they really are that stoned.

The biggest laugh is Flatfoot (Paul Smith) as the campus custodian. Logically he's a suspect. He too carries a chainsaw around campus. Again, no one seems to notice.

SPOILER WARNING!!! In the end it turns out the killer has been using the body parts of his victims to build his ideal woman. Of course we all saw that coming.

But just as the closing credits are about to roll the composite corpse reaches out and literally rips off the hero's genitals! There's no explanation for why this happens, the closing credit just roll.

I really enjoyed this film and so will anyone whom enjoys Giallo or enjoys making fun of Giallo.
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could be amusing under the right circumstances...
ThrownMuse8 December 2004
Young women on a college campus are brutally (and I mean BRUTALLY) murdered by a chainsaw-wielding madman. The incompetent police decide to use an even more incompetent undercover cop/tennis whiz to try to figure out who it is. They also use a voluntary student (campus "stud" with lots of free time that really should be a suspect here) who is ordered to...protect the undercover cop? Yeah. It is really difficult to tell whether or not they tried to be funny (e.g, a naked soon-to-be victim just lies there, sucks in her tummy, and perks up her breasts while awaiting the chainsaw). I'm hoping so, because there are some really pointless scenes. It also tries to be a mystery, which is ridiculous because anyone who can do simple math can figure out who the murderer is. The "surprise" at the end, while completely absurd, does sort of make-up for the blatant misogyny in the rest of the movie. Sort of. Might be entertaining with a bunch of friends and booze. My Rating: 2.5/10
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A lot of blooody bloody fun, with a fresh premise
PeterMitchell-506-56436423 January 2013
Here's a bloody, and I mean bloody chainsaw flick, this makes the Texas Chainsaw look like pumped versions of The Sound of Music. Take the warning on the front cover seriously before watching the dispatches of torso's whatever that follow. A little boy caught by his mother with a nude jigsaw becomes killer, ending her in just the start of the carnage that follows. Cut many many years later, to the eighties on a school campus, we have a nut, with a chainsaw, cutting his way through nubile bodies to create his own human jigsaw. Siuck f..k. Christopher George, a detective on the case, sends a woman, undercover, who's trained in Karate to catch this madman, where it's not easy. We have one suspect, Midnight Express's Paul Smith as a caretaker, bearing a chainsaw. Could he be the one. A student on campus helps George, in his investigation, going through mugsheets, whatever. This bright intellectual really has his work cut out for him, where he thinks this work is kind of cool. Meanwhile, the chainsaw nut out there is still making the cut. One girl literally wets herself in terror while getting it in the elevator. As an Italian cheapie classic, Pieces is one horror fan's guilty pleasure, with a not so happy ending for an innocent party. If you want blood and hot bodies, don't pass this one up. I'd option for this over the Texas Chainsaw Massacres anyday. The Asian jogger who went to attack our undercover hottie, who outwits him, then takes off again as though everything's cool. What the hell was that about.
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Pieced Together?
thesar-220 December 2008
'Pieces' was absolutely hilarious. I'm guessing, unintentionally. The acting, the dubbing – oh, the dubbing, the Dean that looked like Bean as well as the officer that acted like he doubled for Lt. Frank Drebin, the "Bastard! Bastard! BASTARD!" dialogue, the scenes that were horribly, uh, pieced together – most of which had nothing to do with the previous scene (I'm sorry, if you're headed straight towards a giant mirror, and you find yourself on a 'runaway' skateboard, never mind – you really should know what to do), the characters – gotta love the 'Bluto' gardener with the evil eye and laugh, police work so botched I can tell why the killer chose this easy-target campus and an action scene that's downright a highlight involving kung fu. I could go on, but all that being said, fans of the 'breast & slaughter & everyone's a suspect' 80s films will have everything they rented it for. (There's an absolute abundance amount of slaughter and of female nudity, including full frontal, as well as a full frontal male nudity scene thrown in.) One of the best qualities, from a guy's point of view, is the fact that the males are pretty much safe – if you skip the 'are you serious?' comical conclusion. The DVD contains some awesome extras – make sure you check out the 'Vine' screener. Ironically, this is the exact type of film 'Student Bodies' spoofed, but 'Bodies' was released one year prior, i.e. the 'Breather' and shameless product placement – anyone in the mood for Wendy's?
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Atmospheric, disjointed disaster with an unforgettable ending
drownnnsoda20 December 2017
"Pieces" follows a college campus where a psychopath with psychosexual problems is hacking up pretty, naked coeds with a chainsaw. How many victims will be claimed, and can an incredulous detective and an undercover cop solve the case?

One of the notoriously-trashy slashers from the early eighties, "Pieces" is an unforgettable piece of celluloid (pardon the pun) because it's both an absolute disaster and something of a mild masterpiece in the realm of trash cinema. I did not like this film when I first saw it years ago, though it has grown on me. I still think it's patently bad, but it does have its charms.

The narrative is a disaster--poor editing and unrefined writing are part of what make "Pieces" the bad film that it is; it's also unoriginal, cribbing elements of several of its contemporaries. What's good about the film? The main selling point is the over-the-top, gruesome gore effects, which are actually rather effective; the other is the dingy, rough-around-the-edges aesthetic the film has, which a potential viewer will either find off-putting or inexplicably attractive. I fall into the latter; the film's gritty, low-budget presentation gives it something of a hard edge that I find appealing, especially paired with the gore effects.

The acting is all over the place and the film suffers from bad dubbing (this was a Spanish production with token American actors Christopher George and Lynda Day George), though the finale, as rough and abrupt as it is, is rather unforgettable (and unconscionable). Overall, "Pieces" is a mixture of both bad and good, and the kind of film that caters to a very specific audience. It's bad, but it is amusing, and I do find its atmosphere weirdly engrossing all these years later. 6/10.
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Cult Horror Gem
thelastblogontheleft26 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is the best kind of hot mess cult classic. It has such an amazing juxtaposition of completely absurd, out-of-place dialogue, mediocre acting, and subpar dubbing along with some truly chilling moments and AWESOME murders that you can't help but love it.

The movie opens with a young boy being caught and subsequently berated by his mother for playing with a pornographic puzzle (I had no idea such a thing existed so thank you for that). But don't worry, he kills her with an axe and then feigns innocence when the police arrive so he is sent off to live with his aunt. Fast forward 40 years and his lust for killing is still there, only now he stalks college co-eds and keeps pieces of their bodies to assemble his own perfect woman (I'm really not sure what his end goal is there).

It's a pretty straight forward slasher/mystery, but the red herrings that are thrown at you are just laughably obvious. Like I'm really going to believe that the sketchy gardener who has keys to everything on campus (Paul L. Smith) is the actual killer? Or the anatomy professor (Jack Taylor, though I wish it could have been Thomas Lennon aka Lieutenant Dangle from Reno 911) who is clearly socially stunted and has working knowledge of how to disassemble a body? But it doesn't matter because this movie is FUN.

You have these moments of legitimately high tension — like the killer following the girl as she unsuspectingly dances down the hallway and then trapping her in the elevator — and then, shortly after, probably the best known moment of ridiculousness when a completely random dude jumps out of the bushes and scares Kendall (Ian Sera) as he is investigating with some pretty sweet kung fu moves.

There's god awful acting and some of the cheesiest, stiffest lines ever… but you have brilliant killings like the female reporter being slashed on the water bed and then flailing in the bloody water in slow motion before he stabs her through the back of the head (but, naturally, you can see the fake knife bend in the most obvious way in the pulled back shot). Or the girl with her legs chainsawed off in the corner of locker room (definitely one of the most brutal scenes I've witnessed).

I thought the music (done by Stelvio Cipriani and Carlo Maria Cordio) was a standout, too, though some moments were eerily reminiscent of The Blood Stained Shadow, which Cipriani also scored.

But the TRUE gem of this movie is the ending. Not only do we have the very obvious twist when we find out the killer, but the last two bits of surprise are just THE BEST. I was already loving it but with the closing scene I was LITERALLY clapping at the TV as the credits rolled. Worth it for that alone, trust me.
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A film that revels in its own trashyness
pinansky6 March 2018
In the introduction to the reissue of Salem's Lot, Stephen King claims his mother had a classification system for the type of books he liked to read as a child, "trash" and "bad trash". King claims Tales From The Crypt was in the "bad trash" camp.

While Pieces very well might be the epitome of "bad trash", as Mr King points out, sometimes that's exactly what hits the spot! I wont bother summarizing the plot because honestly if the producers didn't care about it why should you?

The movie contains everything this type of movie calls for in spades, naked women , body parts being chainsawed off, buckets of blood, character actors slumming it. What more can you ask for! The best part is the film has absolutely no pretensions. It is a pure exploitation movie through and through.

While the film clearly takes some inspiration from the Italian Giallo genre (the murders are committed by a killer in black gloves, a big fedora and a raincoat), it dispenses with pretentions so completely it makes even the sleaziest Giallo look like an art house film by comparison.

Like the best bad films, this one also delivers many unintentional laughs, or maybe they are intentional, who knows, its impossible to tell.

Let's be honest, if you even had to read this review beyond "naked women , body parts being chainsawed off" before slamming the "PLAY" button this movie is probably not for you!
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Dumb, bloody fun
jellopuke4 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
If you want copious gore, terrible dubbing/acting, non-sensical scenes, and a killer who uses a chainsaw, then this is going to be right up your alley. There are some great effects and the overall plot of a killer making a human jigsaw puzzle is disturbing enough that you can overlook all of the hilarious weirdness. Well worth watching if you like trash cinema and/or slasher movies. And what the heck was with the kung fu guy that appears for NO reason?!?!?!?
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Cheesy and disturbing Eighties slasher
TheBlueHairedLawyer25 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This little movie doesn't have the best ratings, but it deserves a better rep. The soundtrack is creepy and the acting isn't too bad, the plot is eerie and overall it's a classic Eighties slasher.

Pieces begins with a little boy viewing his father's pornography when his mom walks in on him. The father is away in the air force and the mom is pretty abusive, not just taking away the pornography but slapping her child and smashing her bedroom mirror. She tells her son to get a bag so they can gather the porn and burn it, but her son comes back with an ax instead and murders mom, leaving an extremely bloody and disgusting scene behind. He then gets sent away to live with an aunt (no one suspects him of the murders). Now that the little boy has grown up, he's decided to go on a murder massacre with a chainsaw as the murder weapon, killing women and taking their body parts to make a puzzle out of.

Pieces isn't one of the better slashers out there, nor is it very popular, but it's not bad and it's one that any horror fan should check out.
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