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The R-rated US release is heavily edited missing part of the rape scene of the maid and most of the rape scene of Kersey's daughter (and her graphic suicide). The uncut version is available on Brazil DVD, and Canadian cable.
The original UK cinema and video versions were extensively cut by BBFC head James Ferman (to the fury of Michael Winner). 3 minutes 42 seconds were removed from the rape of Rosario the housemaid and a minor edit was made to the rape of Carol by Cutter. Although 19 secs of cuts were reinstated for the 2005 video release (the R-rated US release was submitted) the film was then cut again in 2006, losing a further 27 seconds of 'sexual and sexualized violence'.
The original UK cinema and video versions made use of tamer alternative/outtake footage to ease over the massive censorship cuts imposed by the UK censor. This includes an alternative shot of the bedroom rape of the maid (which masks female frontal nudity visible in the uncut version) as well as cutaways to Jiver and Nirvana waiting in the next room. The shot used of the maid after she has been killed, is also different, again masking full frontal nudity. This unique footage does not appear in any other version of the film apart from the UK video, it is absent from recent UK DVD release which was taken from the American R rated version of the film.
DVD releases after September 11, 2001 eliminate the NYC montage featuring the World Trade Center.
The Greek version contains some dialog thats missing in other versions.
The Region 2 PAL DVD double pack of Deathwish/Deathwish II contains:
  • Deathwish II has uncut version of the rape scene without the optical fogging.

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