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7 Jan. 1982
The World According to Freedom
Following a gruesome murder perpetrated by a gang at a night club, Furillo is determined to take any means necessary to find the people responsible. Belker runs in a guy who thinks that he is a superhero. LaRue goes undercover inside a holding cell to try and get a confession.
14 Jan. 1982
Pestolozzi's Revenge
Furillo risks perjury after he's subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury investigating police corruption. Renko gets upset when his service revolver is stolen. Captain Freedom reappears to thwart a robbery.
21 Jan. 1982
The Spy Who Came in from Delgado
Hill, Renko, and Belker work undercover at a seedy downtown salon. Calletano becomes suspicious about a new attractive office assistant who is less than qualified for the position. Davenport recommends a lawyer for Frank in the corruption-seeking Sullivan Commission. Hunter uses hounds to try and find wild dogs running around in the city.
28 Jan. 1982
Freedom's Last Stand
An angry Furillo testifies a second time before a grand jury for the Sullivan Commission on police corruption. Goldblume goes undercover in drag to catch a purse snatcher. Bates represents the Hill in a high stakes poker game against rival departments. Captain Freedom meets an untimely end when he attempts to stop a gang of armed robbers.
11 Feb. 1982
Of Mouse and Man
A public defender is brutally murdered. Hill is elected as VP of the Black Officers' Coalition. LaRue and Washington nab a cocaine dealer who has knowledge of a large PCP lab.
18 Feb. 1982
Zen and the Art of Law Enforcement
Renko gets upset at Hill for temporarily leaving him to head up the Black Officer's Coalition. On the eve of a huge PCP lab bust, LaRue turns to the bottle. Furillo learns that a suspect in the murder of a district attorney may go free due to a technicality.
25 Feb. 1982
The Young, the Beautiful and the Degraded
Goldblume finds a witness in the DA murder cases that seems way too good to be true. Furillo considers kicking LaRue off the force after he almost ruined a major bust by showing up drunk. Hill quits the Black Officers Coalition. Belker feels over the hill after being outrun by a suspect.
18 Mar. 1982
Some Like It Hot-Wired
Esterhaus is up in arms after his car is stolen. Washington believes that LaRue has changed after seeing him for the first time since his demotion. Hill, Renko, and Goldblume go undercover to catch a scheme perpetrated by prostitutes and phony cops. Davenport has a meltdown in court.
25 Mar. 1982
Personal Foul
Belker and Washington go undercover at an adult movie theater. A man who recently lost his job holds his wife and son hostage inside their apartment. Goldblume's wife asks him for a divorce. The precinct plans an exhibition basketball game between the officers and the gang members.
6 May 1982
The Shooter
Furillo, Goldblume, and Washington try to track down the owner of a gun that killed one officer and seriously injured another. Renko learns that his father only has days to live.
13 May 1982
Invasion of the Third World Body Snatchers
Belker goes undercover as a wino to nab a killer. Davenport puts her and Frank's vacation on hold to defend a man accused of rape who she believes is innocent. After Renko's dad dies, the car with his body is stolen and chased in hot pursuit around the city. Washington pleads to Furillo to get LaRue back as a partner.
30 Sep. 1982
Trial by Fury
Furillo faces pressure from the public when when two young men are run in for raping and murdering a nun during a church robbery. Belker stands up for a gay prostitute. Calletano is worried about a tax audit.
7 Oct. 1982
Domestic Beef
Furillo risks a backlash after voting one of his peers guilty of improperly managing his precinct. Washington and LaRue both apply for same position outside the precinct. Belker and Goldblume go undercover as ice cream men.
14 Oct. 1982
Heat Rash
An action movie star asks to follow Belker. Bates and Coffey arrest a guy who thinks he is an ET. Hunter tells Furillo that he may have cancer. Furillo looks into an allegation made against his precinct by a disgraced captain who committed suicide. Hill and Renko make a drunk driving arrest on a councilman that is quickly overturned by Chief Daniels.
21 Oct. 1982
Rein of Terror
LaRue and Washington investigate two policemen suspected of stealing. Furillo blackmails Chief Daniels to get Goldblume reinstated. Gennaro accompanies Belker on an undercover drug deal. Renko is unhappy with his birthday present- a call girl set up by Hill and Coffey.
28 Oct. 1982
Officer of the Year
Calletano lets his anger get the best of him when accepting the award for Hispanic Officer of the Year. Belker goes undercover at a massage parlor that is linked to prostitution. Furillo's son runs away from home. Bates is upset when Davenport undermines her testimony on the witness stand. Renko gets mad when an assault victim, on the advice of her lawyer, decides not to press charges.
4 Nov. 1982
Stan the Man
Davenport is held at knife-point by a suspect in the booking area. Larue and another office argue over who will make an undercover bust. Fearing that his apartment will be torn down, an elderly man threatens to jump to his death from the top of a building. When Belker goes to the bank to be approved for a loan, he gets more action than he bargained for.
11 Nov. 1982
Little Boil Blue
Belker goes undercover to try and catch a guy who is using homeless people to commit insurance fraud. Renko gets in hot water after he asks a hospital intern to lie about a patient being dead on arrival. Fearing that it will hurt his chances of being elected to office, Daniels tries to get Furillo to cover up the details of the murder of a dirty cop. Coffey tries to get through to a Vietnam vet suffering from post-traumatic stress who snaps and takes people hostage.
18 Nov. 1982
Requiem for a Hairbag
Fay's house is burgled, and some unspecifiedly private movies involving her and Frank, along with usual items of value, are also, suspiciously, pinched. Dominique Dunne guests as a teenager abused by her mother. Scummy narcotics cop Stan Mizelll's autopsy shows he died full of illegal drugs, and his safe deposit box turns out to have a couple of ounces of coke, $40,000 in mint 100s, and a pair of fur-lined handcuffs. At the funeral, Councilmember Detweiler tells Furillo, who he'd previously demanded choose sides, that he's going to bury him and Chief Daniels with the ...
25 Nov. 1982
A Hair of the Dog
Belker goes undercover at a pawn shop after getting tip from Eddie Gregg, who wants to be a snitch. LaRue and Washington have difficulty get an autopsy from an overworked coroner. Chief Daniels forces Furillo to open an investigation on the kidnapping of the governor's dog. Faye gets put in jail for contempt of court after arguing a traffic ticket.
2 Dec. 1982
Phantom of the Hill
Esterhaus decides to propose to Grace. Martinez claims to know the whereabouts of the governor's kidnapped dog but wants something in return. Teresa breaks up with Renko and has her eyes set on Coffey. A homicide charge against a key suspect is put in jeopardy when the coroner accidentally cremates the body of the victim. The mysterious "Phantom of the Hill" continues to terrorize people from the sewers.
9 Dec. 1982
No Body's Perfect
Belker, LaRue and Washington finally bust Sid. After hearing that Esterhaus was turned down in his marriage proposal to Grace, Calletano fixes him up with a girl whose visa expires. Wally's competence as a coroner is questioned at a pre-hearing trial. Renko attacks Coffey after spotting him with his ex-girlfriend. Hill tries to counsel a rookie cop whose confidence is shaken.
16 Dec. 1982
On Christmas Eve, Washington tries to make amends with the widow of a liquor store owner that he accidentally killed during a robbery three months ago. Hill's deadbeat father stops by the station to pay him a visit. Belker goes undercover as Santa Claus and has to deal with a fresh street kid who knows he is a cop.

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