Fade to Black (1980) Poster


Norman Burton: Marty Berger


  • Marty Berger : [angry tone]  Where the hell have you been, Binford? I could have you arrested for stealing company property!

    Eric Binford : I needed wheels, Mr. Berger.

    Marty Berger : That's not an answer. Why can't you buy a car with the insurance money that your aunt left you?

    Eric Binford : That's none of your business.

    Marty Berger : You shut up! I've been hearing all kinds of things about you lately, Binford.

    Eric Binford : You mean like my wedding?

    Marty Berger : Now that is one I haven't heard. I can't picture the creature who'd want to marry you. Tell me, who is this unlucky girl?

    Eric Binford : She's a famous actress.

    Marty Berger : And who may this famous actress be?

    Eric Binford : Marilyn Monroe.

    Marty Berger : That's it! Hand over the key to the Vespa, Binford.

    Eric Binford : [mimicking James Cagney]  It's Cody. Got it? Cody Jarrett and don't ever forget it!

    Marty Berger : Snap out of it, Binford, You name is not Cody. And get your goddamn hands off me! You're fired!

    Eric Binford : [normal voice]  Too late. I quit!

  • Marty Berger : Where are you going?

    Eric Binford : Out of my way! I'm going to clean out my work station.

    Marty Berger : This is my place of business and you're not going inside anymore! I told you that you're fired!

    Eric Binford : Mr. Berger, if you're firing me, I need to get my stuff out of there and my movie posters. My posters are valuable originals and I want them!

    Marty Berger : Well you forget them! Anything inside belongs to me! I'll just sell them and keep the money for myself! It might help to pay for some of your screw-ups! Hell, I just might not sell them but burn 'em all to get rid of the memory that you ever worked here!

    Eric Binford : [mimicking James Cagney again]  Nobody pushes Cody around! You'll be sorry, Big Ed!

    Marty Berger : You get off my property, you little jerk! Who needs you? This is the best thing that could happen to me!

    [Eric angrily walks away where he kicks over the Vespa, turns, gives Mr. Berger the middle-finger bent-elbow jester, and continues to walk away] 

    Marty Berger : Why you son of a bitch! You have some nerve! I'll have your ass for this! Your ass! I'll sue! I'll...

    [Mr. Berger suddenly begins painting and grabbing his chest as he begins to have another mild heart attack as he reaches for his heart pills] 

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