Scum (1979) Poster


Julian Firth: Davis



  • [Eckersley, Richards and Banks approach Davis] 

    Banks : Davis, up!

    [Davis stands up but Banks kicks him. Eckersley laughs] 

    Banks : Davis, yer nothing. I'm the Daddy 'ere, I run this wing. You pay yer dues like the rest. Payday, you deliver a quarter of your snout to Stripey 'ere, every week on the dot.

    Davis : I don't smoke...

    Banks : [slaps Davis]  You fuckin' well do now, slag! There's no dolly mixtures here, poofter! I'm the Daddy and don't you ever forget it, right?

    [slaps Davis] 

    Banks : I said right?

    [shoves Davis and leaves] 

  • Davis : I feel lonely, sir... I feel depressed, even.

  • [after Eckersley framed Davis for 'stealing' his radio, Carlin gives Davis some advice when speaking to the governor] 

    Carlin : Look, just tell the governor he lent it to you and you're weighed off. You're going to get time in the block this time, mate. It's just a matter of how long. So whatever you do, don't antagonise the old bastard.

    Davis : Yeah, it's not looking fair, though, is it?

    Carlin : Here, are you listening to this, Archer?

    Archer : Yeah, but I don't know what it means.

    Carlin : [to Archer]  Bleedin' fair!

    Carlin : [to Davis]  Did you do time in the block at Butlin's Borstal?

    Davis : No, I didn't.

    Carlin : Well, you're gonna get it here, mate, and so am I. You just keep your mouth shut and sit through it. If you cause trouble, they'll belt the shit out ya, and you don't seem like the sort of bloke who's gonna stand a lot of their bastard handouts.

    Archer : Watch Tasty Reg down there. He's a winner. A fully pledged humanitarian with a BA in hatred.

  • Governor : Apart from absconding, your record at your previous borstal was clean, Davis, and I have taken that into consideration. However, I will stress that if I deal with you leniently here, it will certainly not be so light should you appear before me again. C of E, are we?

    Hunt : [Davis appears reluctant to answer]  Answer the governor!

    Davis : Pardon, sir?

    Governor : Denomination Church of England?

    Davis : Yes, sir.

    Governor : Good. Three days in the block. Loss of privileges for one week.

    Taylor : [Mr Taylor opens the door]  About turn. Quck march. Out. Out!

    [Davis turns and exits the room] 

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