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  • Kramer vs. Kramer is, indeed, a book by American novelist Avery Corman. The novel was adapted for the movie by American screenwriter/director Robert Benton. The movie wound up winning the Academy Award for Best Film of 1979. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Several days pass while the court deliberates. When the decision finally comes through, it's not in Ted's favor. Custody of Billy is awarded to Joanna, on grounds that a mother is the best parent. Ted is ordered to pay $400 per month in child support. He is awarded the right to visit with Billy one night a week, two weekends a month, and during half of Billy's school vacation. Ted wonders about appealing, but his lawyer points out that Billy will have to take the stand this time, and Ted can't see doing this to his son. On the day that Joanna comes to pick up Billy, Ted and Billy make French toast together. When Joanna arrives, she calls from the lobby and asks Ted to come down and talk with her. In a surprising twist, Joanna decides not to take Billy with her, having come to the conclusion that his true home is with Ted. In the final scene, Joanna gets in the elevator to go up and talk with Billy. As she wipes the tears from her eyes, she asks how she looks. "Terrific," Ted replies, while the elevator doors close. Edit (Coming Soon)


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