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Season 2

30 Dec. 1980
The Dirtiest Girls in Town
Lobo, Perkins and Birdie are tapped to serve on the governor's special task force in Atlanta, where the boys try to win the respect of their skeptical new colleagues by cracking the department's most difficult case: a credit card rip-off racket operating out of a nightclub featuring lady mud wrestlers.
6 Jan. 1981
The Girls with the Stolen Bodies
Perkins is hospitalized with a bottom full of buckshot and is dismayed to discover that a number of his fellow patients undergoing minor surgeries are dying and disappearing.
13 Jan. 1981
The Fastest Women Around
The fastest women around are a ring of beautiful lady car thieves terrorizing Atlanta and baffling the police. Lobo, Perkins and Birdie go undercover as a competing ring to discover the kingpin, but will their scheme be scuttled by the suspicious Chief Carson and Hildy?
20 Jan. 1981
Macho Man
Birdie's college chum Michael is murdered and Birdie is arrested as the prime suspect. Lobo and Perkins commit to helping their friend clear his name and capture the real killer, a task that calls for Birdie to go undercover as a nude model for Macho Man Magazine.
3 Feb. 1981
Airsick - 1981
Sheriff Lobo and deputies are on board a plane for a prisoner transfer. But there is also a bomber on board who wants to hijack the plane.
10 Feb. 1981
Co-eds with Sticky Fingers
A baby-sitting agency in Orly County is actually a front for a burglary ring.
17 Feb. 1981
Sex and the Single Cop
To uncover a blackmailer, Lobo, Birdie, Perkins and their "wives" attend a weekend seminar at a sex clinic.
24 Feb. 1981
Another Day, Another Bomb
Television legend Sid Caesar plays a friendly bomber who likes to make big noises, which is only one of the problems facing Lobo, Birdie and Perkins. The mother of a baby taken into custody kidnaps her son and Chief Carson at gunpoint, leaving the boys to contend with an obnoxious social worker, a gullible reporter, a suspicious Peaches and Brandy and a riled Hildy.
3 Mar. 1981
The French Follies Caper
The puzzling theft of Perkins' hat puts Lobo, Birdie and Perkins on the path to cracking a bigger case involving embezzled funds and attempted murder by the impresario of a French Follies revue.
24 Mar. 1981
Bang, Bang... You're Dead!
Perkins becomes the first person courageous (or clueless) enough to testify against mob hitman Ernie "One Shot" Kelbow. When the assassin is sprung on bail he comes gunning for Perkins. Can Lobo, Birdie and Hildy keep their friend out of the hitman's crosshairs?
31 Mar. 1981
The Cowboy Connection
To uncover a gem smuggling ring threatening country singer Kitty Rhinestone, Birdie, Brandy, Peaches and Hildy go undercover as the country band "Birdie and the Belle Girls."
7 Apr. 1981
What're Girls Like You Doing in a Bank Like This?
Perkins is moonlighting as a security guard in a bank that is held up by two beautiful, machine gun-wielding women. Among their hostages are a wounded Chief Carson and a distraught Hildy.
21 Apr. 1981
Lobo and the Pirates
Perkins' romantic entanglement with a crooked music executive threatens to blow the cover off the department's investigation of a record pirating operation.
28 Apr. 1981
The Roller Disco Karate Kaper
Perkins stumbles into a kidnap-blackmail plot while picking up the Chinese take-out. The head of a corrupt charity is holding hostage the brother of its former bookkeeper who has proof of embezzlement. Freeing the prisoner won't be easy with a karate-chopping bodyguard in the way.
5 May 1981
Keep on Buckin'
A rodeo clown's drug dealing threatens the lives and the love between a group of Orly-native rodeo riders and their wives. A paternal Lobo intervenes personally and professionally, with an able assist from Perkins and Birdie. Final episode of the series.

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