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Season 7

14 Sep. 1985
Out of the Fire...
Mrs. Garrett and the girls return home from summer vacation to find that their home and business have been destroyed by a fire.
21 Sep. 1985
Into the Frying Pan
Mrs. Garrett and the girls decide to rebuild their store into an update version of a 1950s malt shop. Mrs. Garrett hires a good-looking young carpenter, named George Burnett, to help out, but who causes more of a distraction to the rest of the ladies.
28 Sep. 1985
Grand Opening
Mrs. Garrett and the girls open a novelty shop called "Over Our Heads."
5 Oct. 1985
Teacher, Teacher
Jo works as a substitute teacher at an elementary school.
19 Oct. 1985
Men for All Seasons
The store gets into hot water with Langley officials for carrying a beefcake poster featuring the men's swimming team.
26 Oct. 1985
A New Life
Monica reveals to Blair that she is pregnant by her soon-to-be-ex-husband.
2 Nov. 1985
The girls go to an audition to perform as backup singers for El DeBarge.
9 Nov. 1985
Come Back to the Truck Stop, Natalie Green, Natalie Green
Natalie is in a truck stop diner in Pennsylvania where she writes a story, relating the characters in it to the people in her own life.
16 Nov. 1985
Born Too Late
Tootie helps Andy prepare for an audition for a play.
23 Nov. 1985
3, 2, 1
Jo handcuffs herself to Blair, who has to anchor the Langley TV station's newscast.
30 Nov. 1985
We Get Letters
An old friend of Mrs. Garrett's comes for a visit and accuses her of having an affair with her deceased husband after finding 15 years worth of letters they exchanged.
7 Dec. 1985
Ballroom Dance
Jo,hesitantly,takes up ballroom dancing. Discovering,to her surprise,that she likes it more than she thought she would but seemingly shrugging it off when her friends ask about her interest in it. Quote: "I'm just doing it for exercise".
14 Dec. 1985
Christmas Baby
Blair's mother goes into labor on Christmas Eve.
21 Dec. 1985
Tootie Drives
Mrs. Garrett tutors Tootie for a driving test.
11 Jan. 1986
Stake-Out Blues
The girls agree to let police use the store for a stakeout, while trying to hide it from Mrs. Garret.
18 Jan. 1986
The Agent
Tootie serves as an agent to an aspiring comedian trying to get a TV gig.
1 Feb. 1986
The Reunion
George asks Blair to be his date for his high school reunion, so he can show off a blonde beauty to make his old crush jealous. At the last minute, she can't go and Jo fills in.
8 Feb. 1986
Blair gets stuck in an elevator with her baby sister and an elevator operator on the way to accept an award.
15 Feb. 1986
Atlantic City
The girls' trip to Atlantic City reunites Jo with Flyman, the aspiring singer she met in Florida.
22 Feb. 1986
The Lady Who Came to Dinner
An elderly song-and-dance woman hired for Blair's birthday party stays with the girls.
1 Mar. 1986
The Candidate
Natalie runs for mayor to stop a tacky amusement park from being built. Blair, however, is campaigning for her opponent.
29 Mar. 1986
Big Time Charlie
Jo's father, Charlie Polniaczek, believes that has made a fortune in citrus futures. Meanwhile, Natalie returns from a trip to Miami and has brought back the wrong suitcase.
3 May 1986
The Graduate
It's Graduation Day at Eastland, but Tootie would rather audition for the lead role in a musical play than continue her education.
10 May 1986
The Apartment
Natalie and Tootie move into their own apartment, but it's not exactly the creative oasis they were hoping for.

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