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Season 3

28 Oct. 1981
Growing Pains
Blair brings home a bottle of a fine European wine, and Tootie drinks it to show how "adult" she is.
4 Nov. 1981
Fear Strikes Back
Natalie withdraws from her life after an attempted sexual assault.
11 Nov. 1981
A Baby in the House
Blair's friend Allison disappears after visiting, leaving her baby in the girls' care.
18 Nov. 1981
A Friend in Deed
Blair's mother arrives on a surprise visit and Blair is ecstatic until dire news is revealed about her mother's health.
25 Nov. 1981
Front Page
In an article for the school newspaper Jo reports that her journalism teacher, Mr. Gideon, whom she thinks dislikes her, was arrested in a cocaine raid.
2 Dec. 1981
Give and Take
Mrs. Garrett must take a second job at the Howard Johnson's when she loses her pension. This takes a toll on her mood and her Eastland work, so she must choose between the two.
9 Dec. 1981
Sweet Sorrow
Jo's boyfriend Eddie returns just as she is partnered with another boy, Bob, in a marriage study group. Jo soon starts to take more of an interest in him beyond their studies, but this bothers her because of her loyalty to Eddie.
16 Dec. 1981
From Russia with Love
Natalie's Grandma Mona, a Russian Jewish immigrant, comes to visit her.
23 Dec. 1981
Dear Me
Tootie wants to impress the older girls who are going on a camping trip with some boys from Bates. She types a phony love letter from a camp counselor at the summer camp she attended.
30 Dec. 1981
Cousin Geri Returns
Mr. Palmer, the French teacher, asks Geri out on a date. She seems to be having a good time, but Blair believes the man has an ulterior motive for taking her cousin out.
6 Jan. 1982
Blair learns that her late grandfather, whom she idealized, was a supporter and benefactor of the Ku Klux Klan.
13 Jan. 1982
Green-Eyed Monster
When Tootie beats Natalie for the lead role in the school play, a rift grows between the two of them.
20 Jan. 1982
The Americanization of Miko
A Japanese student's father objects to her daughter's adoption of Western cultural values.
27 Jan. 1982
The Marriage Brokers
Blair goes on a double date with Mrs. Garrett and her longtime friend Ernest Melbourne, worrying that the two of them might get married.
3 Feb. 1982
Tootie, is fan club president, for pop star Jermaine Jackson. Jo, on the other hand, was preparing for a fundraiser, which was on the same night, of the concert. Blair, however, turned down a date for the fundraiser. Tootie, tearfully begs Mrs. Garrett, to take her to the concert.
10 Feb. 1982
The Four Musketeers
The girls start to become annoyed by each other's little personality quirks. When Mrs. Garrett tells them they've paid off their damages to the school van, they decide to go their separate ways.
17 Feb. 1982
The Affair
Mrs. Garrett and the girls spend an afternoon in New York City, where they go to Pagliacci's, a high-profile Italian restaurant. Natalie is devastated when she sees her father kissing another woman across the dining room.
24 Feb. 1982
Even though her parents refused to give her permission to go with Mrs. Garrett and the older girls, Tootie runs away to New York to meet up with them. There, she meets a teenage prostitute who tries to recruit her into her line of work.
3 Mar. 1982
New York, New York
Blair and Jo go to visit old friends in New York, where they find that things have changed considerably.
17 Mar. 1982
Kids Can Be Cruel
During the preparations for a box lunch charity auction, the girls are gazing over an Eastland/Bates "Slam Book", in which those writing the comments are identified by numbers instead of names. Mrs. Garrett is horrified by the cruel comments in there. When Blair reveals to one of the Bates boys that Natalie is number 10, Natalie gets her revenge by telling a Bates boy named Carl Price, whom the other boys tease because of his severe acne, which of the box lunches belongs to Blair.
24 Mar. 1982
Mind Your Own Business
Natalie institutes nine rules of privacy after she learns that Blair looked in her diary.
31 Mar. 1982
The Academy
The girls go to a school dance with boys from nearby Stone Military Academy.
14 Apr. 1982
Jo's Cousin
Jo visits her relatives in New Jersey, where her tomboyish 14-year-old cousin Terry puts on a dress and makeup to impress a boy.
5 May 1982
Read No Evil
When the school library institutes a censorship policy, Natalie is bounced from the school paper for speaking out against it, and Mrs. Garrett is asked by Mr. Parker not to comment on the issue.

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