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Alternate Versions

The Australian R4 'The Full Story' DVD release features the version with the alternate 80's background music.
The "horse has a heart attack" scene was re-shot for television with Bluto (John Belushi) shouting "I don't believe it!" instead of "Holy shit!"
Late in the movie, Boone goes into Katy's living room. She has just finished sleeping with Professor Jennings. After Boone figures out what's going on and leaves, Professor Jennings walks out of the bedroom and into the kitchen, opens a cabinet, and reaches for something on a high shelf. In the theater version, he is bare-butt naked. In the TV version, he's wearing pants.
There is a version of "Animal House", which contains an alternate soundtrack, wherein the background music is mostly 80s rock music. This is especially clear in the cafeteria scene, where the lack of "don't know much about history" is evident (and catastrophic). This version has been aired at least once in Danish television.
Television versions aired on TNT and TBS delete, among others:
  • The scenes where Jennings and the students smoke pot. The scene is cut just after Jennings locks the door and smiles.
  • After Clorette DePasto falls over and reveals the tissue paper in her bra, the entire scene, with the angel, the devil, and the shots of half naked Clorette on the bed are cut out. It immediately jumps to her being ridden home in the shopping cart.
NBC edited 13 minutes from this film for its 1981 network television premiere.
The original studio screening ran 175 minutes, including footage featuring director John Landis as a bearded cafeteria worker who is tired of Bluto's antics in the lunchroom.
In the original theatrical version, there is a part in which the Deltas go through a medical screening after having to register for the draft after being expelled. In one scene, D-Day turns his feet around backwards because his ankles are double-jointed. The scene was removed a few months after release due to many young men hurting themselves while trying to emulate him.
Even though the 5.1 remix on the Blu-ray restores all the music omitted on one of the DVD releases, it also replaces many of the old sound effects like glass breaking, cans dropping on the ground, Bluto's spit sound in the cafeteria scene, and a few others.
In the original theatrical release there was an opening scene where Delta House hung Dean Wormer's car from the flag pole, which caused his frustration with them throughout the course of the movie. For reasons unknown it was cut from every home video release and never shown again.
In the club scene, Pinto asks his date what she is majoring in, and she replies "Primitive cultures," followed immediately by a shot of African-American performer Otis Day singing a rhythm and blues song. This scene was cut in the telvision version.
When Bluto peeps through the sorority-house window he sees some topless girls having a pillow-fight. In the TV version the girls are wearing bras.

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