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  • Durin's Day was the dwarves' New Year, but only in years when the moon and the sun appeared in the sky together. The Dwarven New Year began on the first day of the last moon of autumn (when the crescent moon was just past new). In the book of The Hobbit, Durin's Day fell on the first day of the last week of autumn which would have been October 22 in the hobbits- calendar (Shire Reckoning). In the animated movie, the moon is full on Durin's Day (as can be seen when Smaug attacks Lake-town) while the Midsummer Eve moon under which Elrond examines Thror's map is a waning crescent moon. That puts the date at around either October 16 or November 15 in the hobbit's calendar. Edit (Coming Soon)


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