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Sex & Nudity

  • Reccommended rating:PG-13 for Violence, Sexual Humor, Language, Thematic Elements, A Drug Reference, and Smoking.
  • Sexual humor- A guy is a pervert and tries to sleep with Goldie Hawn when she goes to his apartment (for safety) he has several sex dolls in his apartment, he is later seen in whore house, sexual references. There is a shot of a porno film showing a man on top of a woman in this scene but a woman stands in front of the screen blocking all of the explicit elements.
  • An extended scene takes place in an illegal massage parlor. A pictue of a naked woman is seen.
  • A woman talks about ways to avoid being raped.
  • A couple is shown french-kissing. They spend the night together. No nudity in the scene following.

Violence & Gore

  • A knife is thrown into a man's stomach from across a room. It is very sudden. Blood is shown going into a container of popcorn. The bloody wound is then seen. A car almost runs down a woman. A woman is almost drugged in a dark building, but she fights back. A woman is almost strangled by a man, but she non-mortally stabs him. In the same scene, the would-be killer is killed by a knife thrown through a window. (not by the woman.) A woman is drugged and kidnapped. (She survives) A woman pushes a short man out of a window when she misakenly thinks that he is trying to kill her. The short man survives but is shown under bandages at the hospital. A man is kidnapped. A man is slapped. A woman is kidnapped. A man is thown into a pool of water. A scuffle is shown. A man is karate-chopped. Hard to tell if the character remains alive or not. A shootout occurs. A man is killed in the scene when several wine racks are pushed onto him with a bullet to break the bottles. A woman is shown with a gun to her head. (She survives) A man is killed with a wine bottle that was thrown across a room. A karate fight occurs, with the climax occuring when a woman is thrown into a piano. Several buildings and vihicles are destroyed. There is an assassination plot. A woman is abducted. Several people are shot. No blood.


    • The F-Bomb and its derivatives are partially seen on a Scrabble board.
    • 1 Goddamn
    • 3 Shits
    • 1 Son of a Bitch
    • 2 Damns
    • 1 Hell

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drug references, but no drug use. Several characters smoke A cigarette case is important to the early part of the plot. There is some drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are a few jump scares with lurking villains, and some younger viewers may find the Albino (Whitey Jackson) a bit frightening.
  • Aside from the Karate fight and the woman pushing the short man out of the window, the violence is not presented in a comic manner.

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