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R.I.P. Marc Merson

Oscar- and Emmy-nominated producer Marc Merson died Sunday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He was 82. Merson is best known for producing the features Doc Hollywood, The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter and Leadbelly. On the TV side he produced several series including Kaz and We’ll Get By and TV movies Riding High and Hickey. He received an Oscar nomination in 1970 for producing the short People Soup, starring Alan Arkin. In the 1960s, he produced a musical version of Shaw’s Androcles And The Lion with songs by Richard Rodgers for NBC and the Emmy-nominated The Love Song Of Barney Kempinski, scripted by Murray Shisgal and starring Arkin, for the ABC Stage 67 series.
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While you nurse your New Year hangover, the World's Strongest Man will be busy lifting cars

Behind the scenes with the plane-pulling gentle giants who'll brighten up another festive period with their strongman feats

Mariusz Pudzianowski looks like he might accidentally kill small animals he's trying to pet because he doesn't know his own strength. At over six foot tall, 309lbs and with a chest measurement of 58 inches, he's the lug of the moment, and causing quite a stir as he lurches through the hotel reception. His gargantuan presence is attracting double-takes from the new arrivals at the reception desk – weaklings who pull their luggage along on wheels. He orders a beer at the bar, and his huge paw makes it look like he's palming a thimble.

Mariusz is a strongman. He flips 600lb tractor tyres. He pulls 45-tonne planes. He lifts 300lb Atlas Stones. He's here in Malta with an international team of Goliaths, to battle it out for the title of World's Strongest Man.
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