An Enemy of the People (1978) Poster

Steve McQueen: Dr. Thomas Stockmann



  • Dr. Thomas Stockmann : You want me to keep quiet.

    Peter Stockmann : That's not what I said.

    Dr. Thomas Stockmann : You don't want me to say anything to the public. We may be talking about typhoid.

    Peter Stockmann : I said before, they're not that convinced there is any actual danger.

    Dr. Thomas Stockmann : My report is based on fact. You and the Administration insisted on building that water supply where it is to save money. You made a mistake! Now you're afraid to admit it.

  • Aslaksen : May we print it then?

    Dr. Thomas Stockmann : Yes, print it. Print it!

    Hovstad : I'll have it ready for tomorrow's edition.

  • Dr. Thomas Stockmann : We'll expose every lie we live by.

  • Dr. Thomas Stockmann : I want you to realize something, Peter. In a democracy, this hat doesn't belong to you. It belongs to the people and it's passed from hand to hand. You can't give any orders! Not until the people have spoken!

  • Dr. Thomas Stockmann : Don't throw that magic word to me: the People. Not any more! Just because there's a mass of shapes in human form, that doesn't automatically make them people. That honor has to be earned!

  • Dr. Thomas Stockmann : I'm against the age old lie that the majority is always right. Listen to me, the majority is always wrong! Was the majority right when they stood by when they crucified Jesus? Was the majority right when they refused to believe that the earth revolved around the sun and allowed Galileo to be driven to his knees? Listen to me, it takes 50 years for the majority to be right! And then the majority is never right - until it does right.

  • Dr. Thomas Stockmann : If the only way this town can prosper is through the murder of truth and freedom, then I say with all my heart: let it be destroyed!

  • Dr. Thomas Stockmann : We're going to go to America, Catherine. The whole thing will be like a bad dream.

    Catherine Stockmann : I don't want to go to America!

  • Catherine Stockmann : When did this get torn?

    Dr. Thomas Stockmann : It happened last night.

    Catherine Stockmann : You're best pair.

    Dr. Thomas Stockmann : It just shows you, when you go out and fight for truth, never wear you're best pants.

  • Catherine Stockmann : How do you know it'll be any different in America?

    Dr. Thomas Stockmann : I don't. It just seems to be, a country like that, spiritually bigger. Still, I suppose they've got the "solid majority" too. Well, at least there's more room to hide there.

    Catherine Stockmann : I'd hate to go half-way round the world to find out we're in the same place.

  • Dr. Thomas Stockmann : Let me get this straight, you'll clean up my name, so that I can be in charge of the corruption?

  • Dr. Thomas Stockmann : The water's poisoned. The people are poisoned. The children are poisoned! The water is poisoned!

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