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18 Feb. 1977
Bluebird Is Back
Hunter's nemesis, a killer named Bluebird, returns, leaving a toll of victims that leads Hunter and Marty to discover a Russian plot to discredits the design of an electric plant using nuclear power.
25 Feb. 1977
Mirror Image
A Russian agent who is a double for Marty must fool Hunter in order to carry out her assignment to kill Gen. Baker and frame Hunter for the murder.
4 Mar. 1977
The Lysenko Syndrome
A plot to assassinate an Admiral involves brainwashing Marty. And also involves Hunter getting killed.
11 Mar. 1977
The Hit
A professional killer dies during a car chase. Hunter assumes the man's identity in order to find out who hired the killer and who he was supposed to kill.
18 Mar. 1977
The Costa Rican Connection
A witness testifying before a Senate committee investigating ties between organized crime and the GIA is murdered. Hunter and Marty must persuade the remaining witness that they can protect him if he testifies.
8 Apr. 1977
The K Group: Part 1
Hunter and the agency try to find out who killed an East German spy at an L.A. film festival.
15 Apr. 1977
The K Group: Part 2
Hunter, Marty and Baker set out to stop renegade American agents from assassinating a government official.
27 May 1977
Yesterday, Upon the Stair
Hunter is assigned to aid with a spy exchange involving a veteran spy who was his mentor. However, during the exchange the spies from both sides suddenly disappear, having been kidnapped by a third unknown party.
The Backup
While escorting a Chinese defector to a safe house, an American agent disappears, as does the defector. Hunter is assigned to find out what happened and retrieve both the agent and the defector.
The Lovejoy File
A file that is meant to only be seen by the President turns up missing. A shadowy group makes a deal to return the file in exchange for payment, but when Hunter and another government agent arrive to retrieve it, it is stolen by a different group.
U.F.M. 13
Hunter goes undercover to infiltrate an ultra-right-wing group who plan to use stolen plutonium to make an atomic bomb.

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