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Season 3

1 Oct. 1978
The Last Kiss of Summer: Part 1
When Joe's fiancé is killed in a car accident, Joe usurps a Justice Dept. undercover operation pursuing the man responsible.
8 Oct. 1978
The Last Kiss of Summer: Part 2
As Joe's worms his way into Jocko's life, Frank and Fenton Hardy persuade the Justice Dept. to support his operation.
15 Oct. 1978
Assault on the Tower
The Hardy brothers travel to London, England in search of their missing father and stumble onto a crime wave culminating in the robbery of the century.
22 Oct. 1978
Search for Atlantis
To investigate a heroin smuggling ring, the boys infiltrate an archaeological dig for Atlantis that is plagued with threats and sabotage.
29 Oct. 1978
Dangerous Waters
The Hardy Boys search for a missing young woman who is herself searching for buried treasure. Can they save her from her own greed?
5 Nov. 1978
Scorpion's Sting
Frank and Joe go up against a dangerous international kidnapper, with Joe guarding his intended victim while Frank tries to get information out of their enemy's daughter.
19 Nov. 1978
Defection to Paradise: Part 1
A Russian General's daughter attempts to defect to the U.S. by hitching with the Bread band. Upon landing, she disappears. Frank and Joe race against the KGB to find her.
26 Nov. 1978
Defection to Paradise: Part 2
As Frank and Joe continue to race against the KGB to find Marla first, an undercover Federal agent, Paul Owens, may have his own agenda to find Marla first.
3 Dec. 1978
Game Plan
Frank goes undercover to take down a security racket. Meanwhile, there's a mole inside the department.
14 Jan. 1979
Life on the Line
Frank & Joe investigate the strange and dangerous happenings at a motor cross biking event.

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