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4 Jul. 1977
Talk to a Jew
Tonight Barth's guests will be Howard Palmer and his handicap piano, Dr. Richard Osgood, Morton Rose a Jewish person of the Hebrew faith and Fernwood's own mayor Merle Jeeter. Barth explains that he has a day to day contract and expresses his confidence that public support will lead to a long term contract. Talking with Jerry, Barth eludes to legal problems back in Miami. Howard Palmer (Bruce Mahler) comes on to play a selection from Mozart on his upright Steinway while in his iron lung. Mayor Merle Jeeter (Dabney Coleman) joins the show to welcome Barth to Fernwood. ...
5 Jul. 1977
Leisure Suits Cause Cancer
Tonight Barth's guests will be Baby Irene, Dr. Richard Osgood author of "Leisure Suits Cause Cancer", our special feature- Bury the Hatchet, Father Joseph Case and his parents and back with a TV first Howard Palmer the iron lung pianist. Barth thanks everyone for their support of the show. Barth introduces the Rocket to Stardom segment and Baby Irene who sings "I Didn't Know The Gun Was Loaded". Barth brings Happy over for a chat and he talks about his franchise dental service and his fast food franchises. Dr. Richard Osgood from the Fernwood Community College ...
6 Jul. 1977
The Wonderblender
Tonight Barth's guests will be April McTear with the amazing language of her body, consumer advisor Lou Moffatt, consumer Susan Cloud, Barth's father Garth Gimble Sr., an older yet somehow elderly man. Barth thanks everyone for their support. He explains that he got his father a job at the TV station and brings him out. Garth Sr. (Robert B. Williams) is working as a security officer. April McTear (April Tatro) displays her flexibility. Next Lou Moffatt (Lou Felder) talks about consumer protection from faulty appliances and demonstrates the Blend-o-Matic, the wonder ...
7 Jul. 1977
Corporal Punishment: Part 1
Tonight Barth's guests will be Marshall Petty the principal of Dwight D. Eisenhower High School with an examination of corporal punishment, Vietnam's own Mian Co Tiam and Darryl Washington, a young black person. Barth thanks the viewers for their support and acknowledges some of his critics by reading "negative" viewer mail. Darryl Washington (Darius Lawrence) dances and hula hoops while Barth tries to interview him. Mian Co Tiam (John Fujioka) author of "Yankee Doodle Gook" former minister of Parks and Playgrounds is the next guest. He tells Barth and Jerry that ...
13 Jul. 1977
Congressman Chambers
Barth welcome a two-headed country music duo to the show. Consumer advocate Lou Moffitt warns viewers of nostalgia album ripoffs and scams, while pushing his own album of spiritual hymns. The band does its own rendition of Disco Duck. Barth encourages Jerry to become a talkshow host and Jerry interviews Congressman William Chambers. Jerry misses the point of the interview.
25 Jul. 1977
Garth Gimble Memorial Tennis Classic
Tonight's guests are William W D "Bud" Prize and Phillip Maltby. Barth announces that the Garth Gimble Pro-Am golf tournament is canceled due to lack of interest from touring pros, but that the Garth Gimble Memorial Tennis Classic will take its place. Tickets on sale now for $75 each. Bud (Kenneth Mars) joins Barth and Jerry. They read viewer mail and in response Bud tells a story about the device on his face. The story takes up his entire segment. Phillip Maltby (Morgan Upton) from Phil's Fashion Funwear is the second guest. He rebuts the contention that leisure ...
27 Jul. 1977
Lou Moffett on Land Deals
Tonight Barth's guests are Lou Moffett who shows you how to live with dirt and Mrs. Sylvia Miller who spent a night with a foreigner. Barth opens the show by getting serious for a minute, he was saddened by a letter that accused him of abusing his privilege. Barth vows to use his great power only for good. He throws in several plugs during his vow. Barth interviews bass player Mr. Eddie Thomerson (Eddie Robertson) then Eddie and the band play La Bamba. Mrs. Sylvia Miller (Fannie Flagg) tells her story of an encounter with an extraterrestrial alien. He was a two foot ...
28 Jul. 1977
Uncle Sam Jr. II
Tonight Barth's guests are Vernon Taylor (Uncle Sam Jr) who will shoot off his mouth on your face and Mrs. Candy Lee Hargrove who will practice birth control until she gets it right and Donny Conn who made a million with his honker. Barth uses his monologue to endorse the upcoming tax levy to fund the purchase of a paper shredder for the Fernwood Police Department. Jerry talks about his commute to work, he takes the bus and sits in the "coach's seat". Vernon (Vern Rowe) gives a speech "Man's Best Friend Speaks Out" concerning what a gun would say. Vernon then plays "...
29 Jul. 1977
Comedy Sales Techniques
Tonight Barth's guests are Elliot Tubbs who proves that any dummy can sell insurance and a big surprise for Mike Douglas fans even though he is still alive. Barth is suffering from a summertime cold. Barth recognizes senior cameraman Billy Shavers on his birthday. Elliot (E.J. Schuster) discusses his job as an insurance salesman and how he uses puppets and humor to make sales. Happy joins Barth to share a story about Elliot and Happy's "Songs for Shut-Ins" program for customers at the Bun and Run. Happy then does a special heartwarming number with Debbie Dunbar (Kathy...
2 Aug. 1977
Mental Illness Home Test
Tonight Barth's guests will be Dr. Stanley Turnbull with a home test for mental illness. Barth opens the show by singing his best bossa nova song where so as to not offend he hums all off-color lyrics. Dr. Stanley Turnbull (Richard Kline) comes on to administer his home test for mental illness. Barth then opens the phone lines for viewers to call in with questions for the Doctor. Happy comes to the couch to talk about his restaurant the Bun and Run and his plan to open a hem stitch franchise.
4 Aug. 1977
Singers and Salesmen
Tonight Barth's guests will be Mr. Mario Dorsett a rich Italian and Tony Rolletti an Italian who would like to be rich but who sings instead. Barth talks about his whiplash lawsuit and its potential impact on his charity golf tournament. Happy sings "Heart of My Hearts". Tony Rolletti (Bill Kirchenbauer) who is performing at the Vacation Inn comes on and sings "You Are the Sunshine of My Life". Tony then joins Barth and Jerry to discuss his gig at the Vacation Inn and his albums "Tony Rolletti's Greatest Hits" featuring "Tuna Roll Blues" and "Tony Rolletti Sings for ...
16 Aug. 1977
Roger Bellman
Barth spearheads the "Bring A Negro To Fernwood" campaign to help comply with Fernwood's new integration laws. Poet Martin Worth performs "The Ballad of Watergate" with Happy Kyne's musical accompaniment. Organic-food enthusiast Susan Cloud clashes with Happy Kyne, who happens to own a chain of fast food restaurants. Chauffeur Earl Simmons promotes his book "Richard Nixon: The Plastic Bellman" which alleges that Richard Nixon has been replaced by a double.
16 Sep. 1977
Dr. Harlen Washburn
Tonight Barth's guests will be Edward Bailey and his flying hamburgers and Dr. Harlen Washburn a black man who certainly doesn't live here and also Baby Irene who looks like a midget but is actually young and Happy Kyne and the return of the Mirth Makers. Barth replied to some comments made by talk show host Tom Snyder. Happy helps introduce Edward Bailey (Edward Jackman) who juggles and eats hamburgers. Dr. Harlen Washburn (Mel Bryant) from Porter City of the Washburn Foundation for Equal Education is the next guest. The Foundation is working to establish a school ...
26 Sep. 1977
Amusement and Healing Parks
Bob and Joanne Herlick tap dance the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. Nelson Phipps talks about the Amusement and Healing Parks.

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