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10 Sep. 1977
The Brain Machine/Joy Ride/Invasion of the Earthors/The Whirlpool
Dr. Cranum uses his brain machine to become a futuristic menace. Two boys joyride in an airplane. Rock creatures threaten civilization. A supertanker captain becomes reckless.
24 Sep. 1977
Invasion of the Hydronoids/Hitchhike/City in a Bottle/Space Emergency
An aquatic alien force is threatening Earth, A girl is kidnapped while hitchhiking, an Earth city is shrunken and abducted by aliens, a space shuttle's botched docking with a space station disastrously cripples their power systems.
3 Dec. 1977
The Marsh Monster/Runaways/Will the World Collide?/Time Rescue
A swamp creature steals the plans for a new engine. A pair of runaways get in trouble. A vengeful scientist tries to get a planet to collide with Earth. A reckless scientist traps himself 2000 years in the future.
1 Oct. 1977
Doctor Fright/Drag Race/Day of the Plant Creatures/Fire
In an effort to make everyone too afraid to commit crimes and start wars, Dr. Fright releases fear gas from a blimp over Metropolis. Batman & Robin rescue a skateboarder. The Wonder Twins rescue drag-racing teens from a hill's edge. A radioactive meteorite at Big Cypress Swamp creates plant creatures which turn people-and some chickens-into zombie plant creatures themselves. Rima, Batman & Robin chase two escaped convicts out on community service duty who had stolen a truck with dynamite in it. The heroes try to reach them before the heat from the forest fire can ...
8 Oct. 1977
The Monster of Dr. Droid/Vandals/SuperFriends vs. SuperFriends/Energy Mass
Dr. Droid's creation of a robot with the brainwaves of a mouse runs amuck in Wheatville. The Wonder Twins try to save two vandals who trash a print shop at Midland High School and then get in trouble in a faulty elevator. The Super Friends are forced to fight each other in a coliseum after they search for the captured Aquaman in an underwater kingdom. An experimental energy mass takes over the controls of a runaway train. Wonder Woman teaches the need for an emergency list while Batman & Robin teach about the dangers of electric wires and sockets.
17 Sep. 1977
The Secret Four/Tiger on the Loose/The Mysterious Time Creatures/The Antidote
A group of four hooded criminals attack the oil industry in an effort to slow down the depletion of fuel supplies and to start using alternative energy sources. The Wonder Twins help save a bus of schoolchildren from an escaped tiger and teach a lesson about jumping to conclusions. After Dictor's motion to take over all worlds by turning everyone old is voted down, he stages a coup. The Super Friends come to the aid of the disposed leader who had escaped to Earth with the last remaining source of chronium which is needed to create a second time medallion. Wonder Woman...
15 Oct. 1977
The Enforcer/Shark/Planet of the Neanderthals/Flood of Diamonds
In an attempt to control crime in an undersea society, the council replaces Garth 1 with the ruthless Enforcer as leader who then refuses to relinquish control. The Super Friends assist the deposed leader as he flees his home with soldiers in pursuit. The Wonder Twins try to save two teenagers who face a shark after their boat overturns and teach a lesson on boasting. The Super Friends try to turn time back to undo the damage done when a scientist uses a time tunnel and evolution changing device to change history by letting primitives rule over modern humans. Aquaman ...
5 Nov. 1977
The Collector/Handicap/The Mind Maidens/Alaska Peril
Superman and Wonder Women track down Newton Domehead who plans to transfer the world's greatest monuments and people into photographs for future preservation. The Wonder Twins help a crippled boy when a friend's van falls off a cliff and the crippled boy is the only one who can get help. Medulla and her Mind Maidens activate a will booster machine for mind control over all women who then shoot energy rays to transport the men to Medulla's lair who then stores them onto computer tape. Apache Chief, Batman and Robin try to save scientists on an arctic expedition from a ...
29 Oct. 1977
Attack of the Giant Squid/Game of Chicken/Water Beast/Volcano
In order to solve the world's food shortage, Dr. Pisces engineers a giant squid whose ink enlarges other sea creatures but soon events spiral out of control. A dispute over a parking spot leads to a game of chicken between two teens in motorboats. Manta unleashes a water beast in an attempt to control the world's maritime commerce. Superman and Samurai attempt to save mistrusting aliens whom have crash landed inside a volcano. Batman & Robin teach the dangers of showing off. Superman teaches a scissors sorcery magic trick, Wonder Woman teaches the importance of vision...
22 Oct. 1977
Invisible Menace/Initiation/Coming of the Arthropods/River of Doom
Nemus steals an untested underwater mining device which could lead to unknown consequences. The Wonder Twins come to the rescue of a new Bear Club member who's initiation includes taking a photo of a bear at Lonesome Pine Cave. The Super Friends try to stop an attack by the Arthropods who had been banished for crimes on their home planet. Wonder Woman and Rima try to save three geologists who are sentenced to death for disturbing the sacred burial grounds of natives. Wonder Woman teaches how to use a crosswalk. Aquaman teaches a coin vanishing magic trick. Superman ...
12 Nov. 1977
The Fifty Foot Woman/Cheating/Exploration Earth/Attack of the Killer Bees
A professor develops a potion which she believes will give her increased physical strength but it transforms her into a 50 foot woman. A cheating cross country runner struggles with the decision of helping the Wonder Twins with the location of lost Boy Scouts and by doing so, revealing that he cheated in the 10 mile race. The Super Friends defend against an alien space probe that collects mechanical and human specimens. Aquaman and Samurai come to the aid of African villagers trapped by a swarm of killer bees. Aquaman teaches how to treat a drowning victim. Batman & ...


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