Cross of Iron (1977) Poster


David Warner: Hauptmann (Capt.) Kiesel



  • Colonel Brandt : What will we do when we have lost the war?

    Captain Kiesel : Prepare for the next one.

  • Captain Kiesel : They're rolling up both flanks, it's chaos.

    Colonel Brandt : That need no longer concern you. You are to report at once to general headquarters. You're being evacuated.

    Captain Kiesel : I can't leave the command, sir.

    Colonel Brandt : While I am still in a condition to issue orders those orders will be obeyed.

    Captain Kiesel : I'm prepared to disobey that order, sir.

    Colonel Brandt : You've been around Steiner too long. Come, listen to me for a moment... For many of us Germans the exterminator is long overdue, but I have decided that you are worth saving.

    Captain Kiesel : But I'm part of all this. There are better people than me. Most of them are being killed out there.

    Colonel Brandt : There's nothing wrong with you, except that you smoke too much. You're a brave man, braver than you think you are. One of these days there will be a need for brave civilians, had you thought of that? In the new Germany, if such a thing is allowed to exist, there will be need for builders, for thinkers, for poets. I begin to see now what your job is to be. I will make this my final order to you; you will search out and contact all of these, um... better people, you call them, and together you will take on the responsibility that goes with survival. Now you must leave. Please leave.

  • Captain Kiesel : Steiner... is a myth. Men like him are our last hope... and in that sense, he is a truly dangerous man.

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