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A landmark movie in the Iranian film history
corrosion-28 October 2006
Gavaznha (The Deer) is the pinnacle of cinematic output of the frequent collaborators director Kimiai and actor Vosoughi. This was the seventh and last time that they worked together before parting ways in a very bitter way; Vosoughi emigrating to California while Kimiai still makes films in Iran. Neither of them could create anything near the success of this movie again. Gavazha is one of those films which will lose a lot to non-Iranian audiences as Kimiai's unique dialogue is very hard to translate to any other language. It was made before the Iranian revolution and was labelled a revolutionary film in its time. It was heavily censored and the tale of a anti-government insurgent on the run was changed to that of an armed robber on the run. The film is about true friendship and how far you would go to make sacrifices for your friends. The friends are Ghodrat "the bank robber" on the run and Seyed, a former athlete who has become a drug addict. Seyed, who before succumbing to addiction was in love with Ghodrat's sister, gives shelter to Ghodrat and Ghodrat tries to free Seyed from his miserable drug addiction. The dialogues between the two have become legendary in Iran and Vosoughi's performance is truly astonishing. A lovely film that recalls Midnight Cowboy and is a must for fans of Iranian cinema.
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A masterpiece portrait of an opium addicted man trying to function despite of his condition
DaniDaniDaniDani19 July 2005
A truly moving piece of picture. This is the story of an man who in spite of his addiction tries to function and figure out his life. The picture of drugs as the cancer of the pre revolutionary Iran makes even the stone-hearted weak. This movie was used as a critic to the power holders of 70s Iran. Before going on set and shoot for this movie Vousoughi spend about 3 months in an institution for drug addicted men outside of Tehran. Behrooz Vousoughi does perhaps the best interpretation of an drug addicted man on the screen. The director Masud Kimiai is still considered as one of the brightest minds in Pershing speaking movies. His
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Friendship Persian style. great.
milad6216 May 2011
I had watched this movie two times. But I decided to watch again this movie after about 8 years. This time I enjoy even more despite I knew all the story. Nobody can watch this movie without crying even if it's not the first time seeing movie. I didn't know Faramarz Gharibian had part in this movie. Another great acting by Behrouz Vosoughi. I enjoyed the music. This movie had some limitations. They wanted Farhad to sing for that song but they didn't permitted. Also I think they change the poem of song. really beautiful music. Friendship Persian style. Lot of touching scenes. I think this is the best movie about addiction and maybe best Persian movie(in my opinion yes). I recommend this movie.
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