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Holds Up Surprisingly Well
bababear2 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I'd seen this on cable many years ago, and watched it on this afternoon. It's really a good little piece of work.

There's nothing new in the story. A bored, restless young woman in a dead end job in a small town hooks up with a smooth talking young man. Before she realizes it she, her friend, and her sister and the sister's boyfriend are all in over their heads because the men are obsessed with the wild west fantasy and see themselves as gunslingers. Everyone is firing real bullets, though, and soon it's not any fun.

The work has a ton of antecedents. BONNIE AND CLYDE, obviously. Dozens of Warner Brothers movies from the 1930's and 1940's. Goddard's New Wave film BREATHLESS. And, more than anything else, Jack Kerouac's novel ON THE ROAD.

These people spend the bulk of their time in vehicles, rushing toward and/or away from something. Thankfully, the film's producers didn't have the money to build elaborate sets so they filmed in dusty little towns in New Mexico, using actual locations and probably hiring local actors, too.

And Lynda Carter. Good Lord, what a beauty. No wonder she was cast to play AVA GARDNER in a filmed biography. Those eyes...and she has nude scenes one, too: now that she's about to turn sixty, I'd love to see her reaction watching this one again.

A young lady named Belinda Balanski plays her friend, and she's also a beauty, also a fine young actress, and also topless. She never became a big star but is a favorite of director Joe Dante (THE HOWLING, GREMLINS) so she's worked steadily over the years. Still, she never achieved her potential. Pity.

Lots of solid character actors fill out the smaller roles. And, it being the seventies there's some amazing facial hair sported by the male supporting cast.

Check this one out. You might be surprised how much you enjoy it.
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Superhero turned badgirl
knockers12 October 2000
Actually, this came out before her stint in the Wonder Woman television show. This movie is actually quite entertaining, especially if you enjoy seeing one of the most beautiful women to grace the planet everywhere in four nude scenes. Lynda Carter simply has one of the greatest, most voluptuous bodies that I have ever seen, and that combined with her stunning eyes and smile makes the movie all the more enjoyable. It is about a good girl who gets mixed up with a bad guy. Marjoe doesn't really want to be a troublemaker, but trouble always seems to follow him. Bobbi Jo gets caught up in all of this, and they eventually are forced to run from the law. Very good action from one of the best racks ever.
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The Epitome of White Trash Cinema!!!
guy_lazarus22 November 2002
This film is a drive-in classic! It is exactly what a low-budget movie should be: never boring. It has it all: broads, guns, bloodshed, redneck preacher-gone-bad. Lynda Carter and Belinda Balaski are the standouts in the cast, primarily when they cast off their duds! I can't wait until this comes out on DVD! It will be a proud edition to my library.
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A highly agreeable exploitation film.
Hey_Sweden13 January 2013
Actress Lynda Carter, a.k.a. TVs' 'Wonder Woman', makes her film debut alongside the legendary Marjoe Gortner in this sleazy and pleasing trash flick. She plays Bobbie Jo Baker, a carhop who hooks up with Gortners' easygoing charmer Lyle Wheeler. She has ambitions of being a country & western singer, he's a self styled loner who idolizes Billy the Kid. Soon after their meeting, they start to get involved in a series of crimes that spiral out of control. Along for the ride are Bobbie Jo's spunky older sister Pearl (Merrie Lynn Ross), her boyfriend Slick Callahan (Jesse Vint), and Bobbie Jo's sweet best friend Essie (Belinda Balaski). Producer / director Mark L. Lester, working from a screenplay by Vernon Zimmerman, keeps the action moving and makes great use of the assorted New Mexico locations. Zimmerman's script has a sometimes episodic nature; for one example, there's an interlude with Lyle, Bobbie Jo, and Essie where they gather in a lake and feast on mushrooms with an aged Indian. It also has an in-joke here and there, such as a portly deputy named Abel Gance. There are enough glimpses of Lyndas' left breast to tantalize the viewer while also making them wish there could have been some real nudity. Still, there is a grim and gritty quality to the movie, a refreshing sense of humour at times, and some scenes of bloody gunshot violence. The principal actors are all extremely easy to watch: Gortners' inherent likability shines through, Carter is lovely as always, Vint is engaging while his character also shows an impulsive and deadly side, Balaski is adorable, and Ross (who takes a co-producer credit) adds irresistible sex appeal. Gene Drew is a typical hick sheriff who's coldly determined to stop our protagonists, Peggy Stewart is Bobbie Jo and Pearl's alcoholic mother, Gerrit Graham has a fun cameo as commune leader Magic Ray, "Devil Times Five" screenwriter John Durren plays the ill-fated Gance, Virgil Frye is a service station attendant who makes the fatal mistake of challenging Lyle on his quick draw abilities, James Gammon plays an amiable leather salesman, and future director Chuck Russell, who's production supervisor and second assistant director here, is one of Drews' deputies. Stanley Wright and Gil Hubbs do the sunny and slick cinematography, Barry De Vorzon composes the score, and there are two very nice songs to hear: Bobby Bare sings "Those City Lights", and Carter herself performs the beautiful "Are You Lonely Like Me" written by J.C. Crowley. All of these elements make "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw" fun, as well as the kind of downbeat ending we can often expect in this sort of thing. Eight out of 10.
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A hugely enjoyable 70's redneck crime/action exploitation treat
Woodyanders19 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Bored and brassy small town carhop waitress and aspiring country singer Bobbie Jo Baker (a splendidly sassy'n'sexy portrayal by the luscious Lynda Carter of TV's "Wonder Woman" fame) hooks up with brash wannabe Billy the Kid-style modern-day fugitive Lyle Wheeler (a wonderfully robust and engaging performance by Marjoe Gortner) and his rowdy gang of outlaws. The wild'n'crazy bunch embark on a merry crime spree in dusty New Mexico. Directed with tremendous rip-roaring flair by Mark Lester, with a compact, colorful script by "Unholy Rollers" director Vernon Zimmerman, a constant fast pace, bright, sunny cinematography by Stanley Wright, occasional outbursts of bloody violence, plenty of rousing action (the car chases and shoot-outs are staged with considerable exciting aplomb), Carter's legendary eye-popping topless scenes, the catchy, reflective theme song "City Lights" sung by Bobby Bare, and an uncompromisingly downbeat ending, this sturdy little item really delivers the satisfying lowdown trashy exploitation picture goods. The bang-up cast qualifies as another substantial asset: Merrie Lynn Ross as Bobbie Jo's bubbly sister Pearl, Jesse Vint as Pearl's volatile boyfriend Slick, the adorable Belinda Balaski as Bobbie Jo's sweet best gal pal Essie, Gerrit Graham as groovy hippie commune leader Magic Ray, Gene Drew as mean hillbilly Sheriff Hicks, and "Devil Times Five" screenwriter John Durren as equally nasty Deputy Abel Gance. A fun romp.
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The FANTASTIC Lynda Carter as a BAD GIRL!
lil_ross18 August 2000
Lynda really makes this film, although this is quite a good, fun film that was ahead of its time but a bit behind ours. Lynda is fantastic in it and the other actors are quite good.
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Early HBO Draw
DKosty12317 July 2009
When Home Box Office was in it's early days movies like this one & Outlaw Blues were among the films used to try to draw viewers. The main draw to this one was to see Linda Carter (Wonder Woman) out of that curve hugging outfit with her chest free to grace the screen. She certainly does that here.

This is one of the films on HBO then which made me think that the "B" Hollywood films were alive & well in the 1970's. It was amazing how successful they were promoting this one. This film wets the whistle for seeing Ms. Carter do an X rated feature though I don't think she ever did one.

Put your brain away and enjoy the natural assets on display here, don't take the plot too seriously of you will lose your perspective.
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Pepino is correct, sir!
rongmtek22 June 2004
This movie was endlessly played on cable in the early days of CINEMAX, along with some rather distastefully misogynistic gore-fests. CINEMAX cornered the market on flicks where women got burned with cigars and urinated on (very graphically). But I digress. The producers apparently could only convince Ms. Carter to bare her impressive chest but once. So- they edited in the exact same scene TWICE! Once in the first half, and again in the second half of the movie! Double your pleasure indeed. More like quadruple. But I must say that almost 30 years later I remember them vividly, and they were spectacular.
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Well worth the watch!
clintsemail7029 March 2019
Even if just for the classic cars and how truly gorgeous Lynda Carter is!
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Incentive to join HBO in late 1970's
PappaMike12 October 2000
We were getting a preview of HBO in the late 1970's. "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw" was one of the featured movies. I liked the movie so well, we subscribed to HBO. Although the acting of others may have been in doubt, Lynda's smile and blue eyes stole the show.
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Bobbie Jo and the outlaws is a great movie to watch
newjedi9928 July 2005
This Classic movie is one of the best ever made.Not only does it have excitement but it also is very entertaining.I like the movie because it is similar to Bonnie and Clyde.I have several DVD's In my collection and hope one day to add this DVD also.Bobbie Jo and the outlaws is one of my favorite classics.As all movies in this era this movie was well directed and casted with some of the best actors and actresses of this s time period.Bobbie Jo and the out laws has a great plot and is a fast action movie.I recommend that any one who loves classic movies to watch this movie if you ever get a chance.You will enjoy this movie if you like gangster movies.Thank you for your time and please do watch this movie,I think you will enjoy it,I know I enjoy watching it.Thank you.
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Reference Video for Sure
Pepino-325 February 2000
I watched this movie back in the days of disks (not DVDs) where we rented the player and the movie together most times. This was supposed to be a more contemporary run at "Bonnie and Clyde" but failed to have the plot or personnel essential to carry it off. Two big, big reasons to see this film and file it for history--and Lynda's got both of them. Yeow!!
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30 years later, still a drive-in classic!
Bmoviedude6119 June 2007
Lynda was an awesome physical specimen in her prime, as this movie captures. Good action flick, good nudity, good 1970s drive-in movie. Lynda is not back in emoting, certainly not as wooden as she was in the first Wonder Woman episodes. Marjoe Goertner is adequate, how he starred in Earthquake latter on is beyond me. And Lynda's sidekick girlfriend is CUTE. It's got the 1970s look from the film stock they used, which is cool. Its sad how gravity has taken a toll on Lynda's awesome physique. Pop in this DVD, watch her undress and it's 1976 all over again. And that's a good thing, as far as Lynda's bod is concerned.
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Great exploitation film!
GOWBTW13 February 2018
This is where Lynda Carter got her start. Prior of becoming the Amazing Amazon(Wonder Woman), she plays Bobbie Jo Baker in "Bobbie Jo and The Outlaw". In this film, she starts off as a choosy woman who wants to get away from the small town of life, and explore more than what she sees. At the car hop, she meets a man who rides a stolen muscle car, and is quick with a hand gun. His name is Lyle(Marjoe Gortner), a rebel in the making. His love for the Old West makes Bobbie Jo very interested in him. But along the way, he and his friend started to do some things that sort of cross the line. For starters, killing the security guard at a truck shop was Lyle's first worry. When Effie tagged along with Bobbie Jo and Lyle, she wanted to make sure that Lyle and friends are in one piece. Unfortunately, she ended up being the casualty. This movie is like a skin flick. But not quite a porn flick. Since Lynda Carter did Playboy, I can say no more. She's hot all the way. The sex appeal in this film was not lost. Back in that year, I was too young to see this film. Now that I have seen it, I can say is that it is great. Now the shooting is tame. Not too violent. But it is very watchable. I enjoyed it very well. 5 stars
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Wizard-825 August 2011
I am a fan of the drive-in movies American-International Pictures made, so I wanted to see this particular effort, and it took me a long time to track down a copy. However, after watching it, I felt kind of underwhelmed. Some people will probably be confused by this, because the movie certainly makes an effort to deliver the goods. There's sex, there's nudity (including Carter), several car chases and wrecked vehicles, and there are a lot of machine-gunned victims (whoever provided the bloody squibs for this movie probably comfortably retired after this movie.) Despite all of that, I didn't particularly care for this movie. I think the problem I had was that the central characters of the movie are (1) unlikable, doing stuff like gunning down innocent people, and (2) not interesting in their unlikable behavior. Also, the movie takes a LONG time to get going with the main plot, over a half hour. I admit there are probably some people who will like this movie, but don't count me among them.
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Reminiscent of the Style of Movies During This Time-Period
Uriah4312 July 2014
"Lyle Wheeler" (Marjoe Gortner) is a free-wheeling young man who seizes an opportunity to steal a car and then outruns the local police. When he stops at a hamburger joint he happens to meet a beautiful waitress by the name of "Bobbie Jo Baker" (Lynda Carter) who wants more out of life. While she would prefer to be a country-western singer she is more than happy to travel with Lyle just for the opportunity to get out of town. One thing leads to another and soon she is caught up in a life of crime with Lyle, her older sister "Pearl Baker" (Merrie Lynn Ross), her best-friend "Essie Beaumont" (Belinda Balaski) and Pearl's boyfriend "Slick Callahan" (Jesse Vint). From then on they are robbing banks and shooting it out with the police at every turn. Now, as far as this movie was concerned I thought it started off a bit slow but it picked up quite nicely after that. Although the acting was barely adequate and some of the scenes were slightly unbelievable the presence of the three attractive ladies just mentioned managed to compensate for it. It's not a great film to be sure but I thought it was somewhat reminiscent of the style of movies during this time-period. I rate it as about average.
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Pretty bad movie
randallbratton8 June 2006
Naturally, everyone has different tastes, and some people do like the movie - but in my opinion it was just another pointless movie about a bunch of bank robbers. I assume many people will watch it just to see Lynda Carter topless, but in today's world where porn sites pop up on computers all the time even when they are not wanted, there is no novelty in seeing a topless woman in a love scene - except that it's a celebrity and people are into that. A previous user (Ron) posted a message that the two topless scenes were really just the same film clip edited twice into the movie in two different scenes. However, he was mistaken. There were two very similar love scenes - in both scenes, they are making love on the same blanket, and in roughly the same positions and camera angles. It is almost like watching the same scene twice. But they did film it twice, and not a single frame was duplicated in both scenes.
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Lynda plus Marjoe!
BandSAboutMovies1 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Mark Lester's IMDB list is filled with drive-in and VHS era gold. There's Steel Arena, Truck Stop Women, Roller Boogie (with Linda Blair, of course), Class of 1984 and it's kinda/sorta spiritual sequel Class of 1999, Firestarter, Commando and Showdown in Little Tokyo.

This American Internation Pictures release was written by Vernon Zimmerman, who has gifted us with just as many demented films as Lester. You can thank him for Teen Witch - Top That! - as well as Fade to Black and Unholy Rollers.

Together, these two titans of, well, movies that only I love joined up to make a modern Bonnie and Clyde redneck film starring former child minister Marjoe Gortner and future Wonder Woman Lynda Carter.

Young country singer and dreamer Bobbie Jo Baker (Carter) runs away from her job as a carhop to ride around in a Ford Mustang with Lyle Wheeler (Gortner), who fancies himself the modern-day Billy the Kid. Gortner was the second choice for the lead after Sylvester Stallone backed out, which would have made the Lyle role seem much more menacing.

Belinda Balaski, who is in nearly every Joe Dante movie, shows up, as does Peggy Stewart (she's an actress from the cowboy era who was also in the redneck film Black Oak Conspiracy) and Gerrit Graham, who was Beef in Phantom of the Paradise and also made appearances in TerrorVision and Chopping Mall.

You should watch this movie to see Marjoe do mushrooms, but for many, there's a major other reason to see this movie, called out on the poster. If only they had spelled Lynda Carter's name correctly...
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An escape movie an outlaw adventure a B movie treat that shows some Lynda Carter skin!
blanbrn4 April 2016
Always been a fan of the beautiful and attractive Lynda Carter from seeing her as a little boy I thought see was stunning as "Wonder Woman" and it's always nice to look back and watch her in an older film even if it is a B type like "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw" made in 1976 just as Lynda was starting her fame as "Wonder Women" this picture even included many hot scenes of Carter topless an eye candy treat for any Lynda fan! And the plot is a little silly and daring still this picture entertains for a B type movie.

The movie centers around two young up and coming people first Bobbie Jo(Carter) as a mom's girl who's a drive-in waitress who hopes to be a country music singer now enter Lyle Wheeler(Marjoe Gortner)a quick draw gun expert who inspires to be a Billy the Kid type. Once upon chance meeting the two form a bond and a passion for an adventure a road journey that takes them thru a swing of many U.S. western states. Thru the subplot of hot passion and sex between them(as this is where you see the topless breast scenes of Lynda Carter)the film turns into a crime saga a drama of modern day bandits from bank robberies and gunfight and shootout's it's like a new "Bonnie and Clyde" is born! Overall nice little adventure escape film that's blended like an old western drama with modern day passion and plenty of eye candy treat fun in the form of the beautiful Lynda Carter.
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Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw does show Lynda Carter naked but not the way I wanted...
tavm26 September 2009
When I found out this movie was on and knowing about it's reputation of having Ms. Lynda Carter topless, I had to watch this right away. While we do see her having sex with Marjoe Gortner twice and in a skinny dipping scene and she does undress in front of her mother, not once does she display both in front on screen at the same time in all its glory. Needless to say, I was very disappointed! And the story itself, about outlaws on the run with Lynda willingly going along for the ride, is pretty exciting in a trashy kind of way for a while but then gets too repetitiously redundant by the end. In other words, I don't regret watching this, but I don't think I want to see this again. Oh, and that was a nice song Ms. Carter sang.
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Bobbie Jo and the Outcast.
anaconda-4065813 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw (1976): Dir: Mark L. Lester / Cast: Marjoe Gortner, Lynda Carter, Jesse Vint, Merrie Lynn Ross, Belinda Balaski: Dreadful Bonnie and Clyde clone about the extremes one may go to obtain notoriety. Marjoe Gortner plays Lyle Wheeler, a Billy the Kid clone who has nowhere near the charm of Warren Beatty in Bonnie and Clyde. He goes out of his way to engage in cop chases and steal cars. Lynda Carter plays Bobbie Jo, a waitress who desires to be a country singer. Unfortunately she gets involved with this whack job and is joining him in robbing banks. Carter is gorgeous but lacks the intensity of Faye Dunaway. They are eventually joined by another couple who have nothing better to do with their time. One of them, Pearl, played by the fetching Merrie Lynn Ross is Bobbie Jo's sister and has about the same amount of common sense. Belinda Balaski as Essie is Bobbie Jo's co-worker at the diner. Balaski is a striking female but done up her in glasses and overalls so to avoid competing with Carter. She is an innocent caught up in a bad crowd where consequences loom. Bonnie and Clyde is better written and certainly better produced. Mark L. Lester films in Mexico and cannot even make that look enticing. There is too much nonsense especially with the stupidest police force in film history. In the end this film should be buried in a deep hole in Mexico. Score: 3 ½ / 10
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2 things keep WonderWoman on the air
guard_u19513 December 2008
Heres an old quote from one of the gossip magazines at the time Wondy was on: "Two things keep this series going, both hold up Lynda Carters red white and blue outfit". This I feel expounds on Lynda Carters ample bosom. It was what the majority of viewers tuned in for at the time the show was on the boob tube. Young or old it didn't matter in my opinion. I was young at the time but nothing would keep me away from the TV when Wondy was on beating up the bad guys (& gals) as it were. Also it was exciting to see if she would get knocked out for no other purpose than to titillate the male viewers. I mean really was there any other legitimate reason to keep knocking her out with gas, chloroform or whatever? Be honest guys!
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Boobs and Bloody Bullet Holes
inspectors712 March 2010
Pretty much sums up Bobbi Jo and the Outlaw, a 1976 offering from those masters of cinematic excellence at American International. It's both sad and understandable that the studio that put out Roger Corman schlock and Beach Blanket rock in the sixties would turn to blood-soaked, bare-breasted, hallucinogenic-mushroomed redneckery in the seventies.

You've got to see this thing to believe it. Marjoe Gortner makes Steven Seagal look like a true thespian, Linda Carter defies gravity, and the only person I even remotely cared about was Belinda Balaski, a minor character whose claim to fame here, strangely enough, is her appeal to those of us who find real-looking woman attractive. Marjoe, Linda, some Navajo guru, and Balaski soak in a pond, spouting stoned profundities, and Balaski is sitting there grooving to the hippie-dippiness, with nipples looking like toggle-switches in the on position, sexy as hell.

But, a 100 pound naked woman--who looks like a real woman and not a make-up-smeared future TV superhero--cannot make a movie work. So, be warned that Bobbi Jo and the Outlaw is the equivalent of the garbage at the bottom of the trash barrel that you parked too near at the drive-in.

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