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7 Nov. 1975
The New Original Wonder Woman
After a dogfight with a Nazi plane, U.S. Air Force Steve Trevor crashlands on an uncharted island in the Bermuda Triangle. Paradise Island is inhabited only by women, and their existence has been kept a secret for thousands of years. Learning of the Nazi threat to humanity, the Amazon princess, Diana, is chosen to accompany Trevor back to the United States to battle the Third Reich. Garbed in a skimpy red, white & blue costume and armed with a magic lasso that forces anyone within its grasp to tell the truth, Diana uses her powers as Wonder Woman to battle the forces ...
21 Apr. 1976
Wonder Woman Meets Baroness Von Gunther
Steve is framed for charges of treason by Nazi spies and Wonder Woman finds herself in trouble when she loses her magic lasso while trying to rescue him.
28 Apr. 1976
Fausta, the Nazi Wonder Woman
A Nazi spy travels to America to learn Wonder Woman's secrets. In the process, she poses as a second Wonder Woman and kidnaps Diana.
13 Oct. 1976
Beauty on Parade
Diana goes undercover at a beauty pageant to try to uncover a suspected spy operation behind the facade.
6 Nov. 1976
The Feminum Mystique: Part 1
Wonder Woman's sister Drusilla is sent from Paradise Island to Washington to tell Diana to come home. Drusilla discovers her own alter ego, Wonder Girl, and is kidnapped by the Nazis.
8 Nov. 1976
The Feminum Mystique: Part 2
Drusilla accidentally reveals the location of Paradise Island to the Nazis who want to go there to harvest Feminum. Wonder Woman must return home to protect her people.
18 Dec. 1976
Wonder Woman vs Gargantua
The Nazis try to get back an agent who turned on them. To help them in their efforts, they brainwash a gorilla named Gargantua to hate Wonder Woman.
25 Dec. 1976
The Pluto File
A scientist develops a method of making earthquakes. Later a German spy steals his work. Steve tries to find out what he is going to do with it. But they also find out he's infected with bubonic plague.
8 Jan. 1977
Last of the $2 Bills
Top Nazi agent Wotan has two surgically altered doubles replace the man in charge of the Bureau of Printing and Engraving and his girlfriend, a waitress. The plan is to steal the $2 engraving plates and use them to collapse the American economy.
15 Jan. 1977
Judgment from Outer Space: Part 1
September, 1942. Andros, an observer from a council of alien planets is sent to Earth to pass judgment on the primitive, warlike human race.
17 Jan. 1977
Judgment from Outer Space: Part 2
Andros has been kidnapped and taken to Germany. When Wonder Woman attempts to rescue him, Andros tells her he sees little difference between the way the Nazis and the Allied Forces wage war. Maj. Steve Trevor mounts a rescue mission of his own together with British agent Mallory.
22 Jan. 1977
Formula 407
A scientist in Argentina creates a formula that makes rubber indestructible.
29 Jan. 1977
The Bushwhackers
When a rancher is dealing with rustlers, he calls his friend General Blankenship for help. So he sends Steve and Diana follows him. They try to find the rustlers and someone close to the rancher is helping them.
16 Feb. 1977
Wonder Woman in Hollywood
Major Steve Trevor is asked to re-enact a heroic deed for Hollywood.

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