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Season 8

29 Sep. 1982
Baby Rattlesnakes
Quincy gets involved in youth gangs and the probation program after a nine-year old girl is killed in a drive by shooting. A 14-year old boy is set up to take the rap.
6 Oct. 1982
Ghost of a Chance
When a man dies during bypass surgery, Quincy discovers that the operation was performed by a resident instead of the renowned heart surgeon who was contracted to do the procedure.
27 Oct. 1982
Give Me Your Weak
Quincy revisits old friends and travels to Washington DC in an effort to get the Orphan Drug act passed, and help a young mother suffering from myoclonus.
3 Nov. 1982
Dying for a Drink
After a colleague exhibits unusual behavior at work, Quincy discovers she has a drinking problem.
10 Nov. 1982
Unreasonable Doubt
Quincy aggressively goes against a young colleague who's trying to prove an acquaintance of his is guilty of murdering his infant son. The infant was afflicted with, a degenerative, and ofttimes, fatal illness. Quincy's convinced of his friends' innocence, but it'll be tough to prove.
17 Nov. 1982
Sleeping Dogs
Quincy must unravel the mystery of who murdered the town bully in a small community outside of Los Angeles. He runs into opposition as it seems that everyone in town wants to protect the killer, including local law enforcement.
24 Nov. 1982
Science for Sale
When a cancer patient who's undergoing a new treatment leaves the hospital and dies, it's thought she succumbed to the cancer. But when some people whom she came into contact with also die, it's believed the treatment mutated into a virulent disease. The doctor who created the treatment's told by his boss he's brunt let go immediately. He finds work with a pharmaceutical company only interested in the bottom line. When yet another person becomes ill, Quincy implores the besieged doctor to try and develop a cure.
1 Dec. 1982
Next Stop, Nowhere
Quincy takes a look into the world of punk rock, a music that he believes may have contributed to the death of a teenage boy.
8 Dec. 1982
Across the Line
Quincy is talked into investigating the case of a police officer who accidentally killed a hostage during a bank robbery shootout.
15 Dec. 1982
Sword of Honor, Blade of Death
Michael Morishima, a good friend of Sam's, is murdered in the Little Tokyo section of Los Angeles. It turns out that he was investigating possible Yakuza activity in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, Michael's old fashioned father now wants revenge. Now Sam and Quince must find the old man before he becomes a victim himself.
5 Jan. 1983
The Law Is a Fool
A narcissistic psychopath kidnaps the granddaughter of a former Congressman. He says it will be "Divine Retribution" if she dies, and the fault for her death will rest upon the shoulders of the Congressman and Quincy.
12 Jan. 1983
Guilty Until Proven Innocent
Quincy's friend, the estranged son of a mobster, is accused of arson and murder. Can Quincy help save his friend?
19 Jan. 1983
Cry for Help
After a young girl is found dead along a roadside, Quincy enlists the help of a psychologist in order to determine if the girl committed suicide or if she was murdered by her boyfriend.
26 Jan. 1983
A Loss for Words
When a young man who dies in an industrial accident because he couldn't read the hazard signs. Quincy takes on the problem of adult illiteracy. A problem that hits close to home with Quincy, when he finds that his friend can't read.
2 Feb. 1983
Beyond the Open Door
A psychic is enlisted to help solve the murders of several young women putting her own life in danger.
9 Feb. 1983
On Dying High
After a nightclub entertainer (Roger Miller) is badly burned, Quincy is determined to make everyone aware drugs are no laughing matter.
16 Feb. 1983
Quincy's Wedding: Part 1
Quincy is reluctant to plan the wedding of Emily's dreams. But, is it a murder confession holding him back... or something else?!
23 Feb. 1983
Quincy's Wedding: Part 2
Quincy's wedding may be cancelled and the widow who believed she caused her husband's death is now certain she's being targeted for murder.
9 Mar. 1983
Murder on Ice
Quincy goes on his honeymoon to a judge's lodge not knowing that he and others had been lured there as part of a killer's plot.
16 Mar. 1983
Women of Valor
After the tragic death of a newborn, Quincy, together with strong women, crusade to further legitimize the use of Midwives.
23 Mar. 1983
Suffer the Little Children
A substandard foster home is responsible for the death of a 7 year-old boy. Quincy and Emily, try to start a new program, so that his older brother can be reunited with his troubled family, where a new stable environment be created.
27 Apr. 1983
An Act of Violence
An elderly woman is robbed and murdered in her apartment. Next target, Quincy. Sam takes trace evidence at the lab before Quince goes to hospital, so that Monahan can track the vicious killers. Quincy struggles with anger from the mugging.
4 May 1983
Whatever Happened to Morris Perlmutter?
A formerly famous theatre star dies at the end of a robber's gun. Her sister (Rosemary DeCamp), Quincy, and Monahan look for the killer. Her agent, Morris Pearmutter, looks for a comeback in the circumstances.
11 May 1983
The Cutting Edge
A dock worker is seriously injured in an accident and loses his arm in the process. He is taken to an experimental hospital called Project Hope headed by a dedicated surgeon named Gabriel McCracken where his arm is reattached. The operation is a success, but a complication arises and he loses the use of his good arm. Now McCracken and his staff of cutting edge surgeons try to find a way to help the young man lead a better quality of life.

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