Cousin cousine (1975) Poster

Marie-Christine Barrault: Marthe


  • Ludovic : I teach dancing.

    Marthe : Classical?

    Ludovic : No-no. Tango, tap, jerk, Charleston.

    Marthe : How did you become a dance teacher?

    Ludovic : By chance. It's fun.

  • Marthe : I want to cry, but I can't. I've never known how to cry. I try but I can't.

  • Ludovic : When I first moved to Paris, I lived near the Folies-Bergeres. I used to leave my door ajar, hoping a girl would wander in. No luck.

    Marthe : When I was younger, I kept falling in love. I'd see a boy, I'd like him. I couldn't sleep. I'd be crazy about him, but I wouldn't let him touch me. I was so stupid.

  • Marthe : What a pretty hat.

    Ludovic : It'd look great on you.

    Marthe : My husband hates me to wear hats.

    Ludovic : Then I'll buy it for you.

    Marthe : Okay! I'll wear it home. The look on his face! What does your wife hate?

    Ludovic : Flashy ties. She thinks they're vulgar.

    Marthe : I'll buy you a hideous tie.

    Ludovic : Great! I'll wear it to the clinic!

  • Pascal : I ate dinner. I've got to work tonight. Were you held up?

    Marthe : No-no. I didn't want to work today. Ludovic and I went swimming. We had so much fun. Then we went to the movies. A Laurel and Hardy film.

    Pascal : Laurel and Hardy?

  • Marthe : What's going to happen now?

    Ludovic : We could say "tu" and "toi."

    Marthe : That's not easy for me. But I promise I'll try.

    Ludovic : Then two things. First we either sleep together or we don't.

    Marthe : If we do, we'll have to lie, you to your wife and me to Pascal. Kind of pathetic, isn't it? Or we could do it and then say goodbye forever.

    Ludovic : Then I'd rather not.

  • Ludovic : We'll keep it platonic and just enjoy being together.

    Marthe : They'll be jeolous.

    Ludovic : So what? Our conscience will be clear. The years will go by. We'll be a stunning couple. "Do you realize they've been together 20 years and have never had sex?" "No, really!"

    Marthe : [laughs]  What we have is fabulous. Will it stay that way?

  • Marthe : A year ago, I wanted to die. I spent a whole day trying to decide how. But I didn't have the guts.

    Ludovic : You wanted to die? Why?

    Marthe : I felt wretched. My job, my husband, my kid. Some days it all seems so stupid.

  • Ludovic : We're going to leave.

    Marthe : As you like.

    Pascal : [observing from the other side of the room]  That's funny. You two say "tu" and "toi." Karine and I use "vous."

  • Marthe : Let me cut your toenails. I want to!

  • Marthe : Undress me. It's a surprise. Hurry, we've only got an hour.

  • Marthe : You didn't know I was crazy, did you?

  • Marthe : I'd like to travel, but not as a tourist. I'd like to stay in places indefinitely.

  • Marthe : Someday I'd like you to make me cry. I told you that before. I can't seem to cry.

    Ludovic : I promise to try.

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