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Season 2

20 Sep. 1976
The New Job
Phyllis finds herself unemployed and looking for a new job.
27 Sep. 1976
You're Not Getting Better, Just Older
Phyllis is turning 45 and wants to throw a party to cheer herself up. However, no one can or wants to go. To prove she has friends, she calls Mary Richards. Mary visits.
4 Oct. 1976
Speech 1A
Phyllis writes a speech for her new boss on Japanese-American relations. Bess has questions on birth-control.
11 Oct. 1976
Off the Bench
Phyllis's bum friend Van has a crush on a higher class woman, Lucille. Phyllis tries to clean him up to make him into a more presentable gentleman.
18 Oct. 1976
Boss or Buddy or Both or Neither
Phyllis's boss, Dan, asks her to plan his birthday party. She thinks she is invited, but she's not. There is also an ongoing garbage strike mediation meeting with Dan, where Phyllis erupts.
25 Oct. 1976
Phyllis Cries Wolf
Bess starts dating her 37 year old college professor. Phyllis finds this inappropriate and reacts. Mother Dexter goes to a hockey game.
1 Nov. 1976
Out of the Closet
Phyllis's beau Scott confides in her that he is gay. He wants her to pretend they are together to continue to pass as straight in front of his parents. Phyllis believes he should come out of the closet.
8 Nov. 1976
The Wrong Box
Phyllis decides to move Lar's body from Minneapolis to San Francisco for reburial. However, Lar's body takes a detour.
15 Nov. 1976
Phyllis and the Jumper
Phyllis has a few bad dates with a recent widower, Burt. He decides to become a jumper when she refuses to marry him.
6 Dec. 1976
Mother Dexter Cohabitates
Mother Dexter moves out of the Judge's house and shacks up with Arthur Lanson. The family reacts.
13 Dec. 1976
Mother Dexter's Wedding
Phyllis forgets to pick Mother Dexter up for Mother Dexter's wedding.
29 Nov. 1976
Bess Airs Her Views
Bess gets expelled from college when she airs her views in an editorial in the school newspaper.
20 Dec. 1976
The Christmas Party
Phyllis organizes an office Christmas party to celebrate the season, but her Scrooge of a boss Dan insists Phyllis assist him on a project instead of enjoying the fun and festivities.
3 Jan. 1977
Phyllis Runs the Office
Phyllis's boss has been having her work very late and hard at her job. She complains, so they switch jobs as an experiment which results in Nazi's invading the Judge's home.
10 Jan. 1977
The Threat
Audrey asks Leonard to do a speech for a statue dedication. Leonard also gets a threatening letter advising him to vote a certain way, or else.
16 Jan. 1977
Taking a Chance on Chance
Phyllis has concerns over dating Buddy Desmond, a charming professional gambler.
23 Jan. 1977
Leonard and the Bribe
Leonard is offered a bribe to change his vote on an important issue. Phyllis throws a surprise party for Harriet.
30 Jan. 1977
Broken Hearted Bess
Dan's nephew Mark comes for a visit. Bess is heartbroken when her college boyfriend breaks up with her.
6 Feb. 1977
I Am Beautiful
Phyllis gives Harriet a make over in hopes that Leonard will notice her.
13 Feb. 1977
Dan's Ex
The Judge starts jogging. Phyllis tries to get Dan back together with his soon to be ex-wife.
20 Feb. 1977
Audrey's New Life
Audrey, feeling bored, complains. Phyllis suggests she gets a job at an antique store. The Judge is not happy with the situation.
27 Feb. 1977
The Elopement
Bess elopes with with Mark, Dan's nephew.
6 Mar. 1977
The Apartment
Bess and Mark move into a run-down apartment. Phyllis tries to get them into a better place.
13 Mar. 1977
A Baby Makes Six
Mark leaves Bess after he loses his job. Later, Bess discovers she is pregnant and doesn't want Mark to know. Phyllis tries to fix things.

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