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Season 5

30 Sep. 1979
Back to School
As Barbara starts college and enjoys her independence, Ann feels her education is lacking and takes a college class that Barbara is also taking.
7 Oct. 1979
Barbara's current boyfriend pressures her to have sex, so Barbara feels she should at least go out and buy some protection.
14 Oct. 1979
Julie's Wedding: Part 1
Julie comes home with a guy she plans to marry acting all sweet and submissive.
21 Oct. 1979
Julie's Wedding: Part 2
Julie prepares for her wedding as the best man tells her how much he loves her. Who will she go down the aisle with?
28 Oct. 1979
Home Again, Home Again
An airline strike leaves the Horvaths homeless.
4 Nov. 1979
Between Mother and Daughter
Resentments surface between Ann and her mother.
11 Nov. 1979
Small Wonder
Barbara's young tutor falls for her.
25 Nov. 1979
Et tu, Ann?
Ann hires a handsome male assistant.
2 Dec. 1979
A Little Larceny
Barbara sets out to raise money for a vacation.
9 Dec. 1979
Heart Attack
Ann suffers a heart attack and needs to slow down her business and personal life.
16 Dec. 1979
Male Jealousy
A feud erupts between Schneider and Max for male dominance in the Romano household as well as the attention of Ann and the girls.
30 Dec. 1979
Happy New Year II
Another year and another show at the retirement home.
6 Jan. 1980
Schneider, the Model
At first Schneider is happy with being asked to be a model and then he learns...
27 Jan. 1980
Triple Play
A salesman shows up and seems to be romancing Barbara, Ann and Grandma.
3 Feb. 1980
So Long, Mom
Ann finds herself alone in an empty nest.
10 Feb. 1980
Old Horizons
Grandma moves into town, takes an apartment nearby and gets a job in Ann's office.
17 Feb. 1980
Endless Elliot
Elliot is so interested in Barbara that he is driving her crazy bordering on harassment.
24 Feb. 1980
Retrospective: Part 1
Imminent condo-conversion causes reminiscing.
24 Feb. 1980
Retrospective: Part 2
Schneider, Ann and the girls continue to reminisce about the past as the construction of condominiums seems to be a sure thing.
2 Mar. 1980
Girl with a Past
Bob shows up and has to explain to Barbara all about his girlfriend's past.
9 Mar. 1980
Perils of Plastic
Newlyweds Julie and Max have accumulated too much credit card debt.
16 Mar. 1980
No Laughing Matter
Ann brings home a local comedian after Schneider had just had a bad experience.
23 Mar. 1980
Connor's Crisis
After left by his wife, Mr. Connors, Ann's boss, is taken out to dinner by Ann and ends up with a gold-digger.
30 Mar. 1980
Grecian Yearn
Ann falls for her Greek-archaeology professor.
6 Apr. 1980
Pen Pals
Schneider's cell mate from a gambling raid shows up at his apartment.
13 Apr. 1980
The Spirit Is Willing
The death of Schneider's lover leaves him so crushed that he can't seem to perform anymore.

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