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Christopher Lee: Scaramanga



  • Francisco Scaramanga : A duel between titans. My golden gun against your Walther PPK. Each of us with a 50-50 chance.

    James Bond : Six bullets to your one?

    Francisco Scaramanga : I only need one.

  • Francisco Scaramanga : When I was a boy I was brought up in a circus. My only real friend was a huge, magnificent African bull elephant. One day, his handler mistreated him and he went berserk. Bleeding, dying, he came and found me, stood on one leg, his best trick, picked me up and put me on his back. The drunken handler came along and emptied his gun into his eye... I emptied my stage pistol into his!

    James Bond : An eye for an eye.

    Francisco Scaramanga : You see, Mr. Bond, I always thought I loved animals. Then I discovered that I enjoyed killing people even more.

  • Francisco Scaramanga : I like a girl in a bikini. No concealed weapons.

  • James Bond : When I kill, its on the specific orders of my government. And those I kill are themselves killers.

    Francisco Scaramanga : Now, Come, come, Mr. Bond. You disappoint me. You get as much fulfillment out of killing as I do, so why don't you admit it?

    James Bond : I admit killing you would be a pleasure.

    Francisco Scaramanga : Then you should have done that when you first saw me. But then, of course, the English don't consider it sporting to kill in cold blood, do they?

    James Bond : Don't count on that.

  • James Bond : You live well, Scaramanga.

    Francisco Scaramanga : At a million dollars a contract I can afford to, Mr Bond. You work for peanuts, a hearty well done from her Majesty the Queen and a pittance of a pension. Apart from that we are the same. To us, Mr Bond, we are the best.

    James Bond : There's a useful four letter word, and you're full of it.

  • Francisco Scaramanga : Ours is the loneliest profession, Mr. Bond.

  • James Bond : Pistols at dawn; it's a little old-fashioned, isn't it?

    Francisco Scaramanga : That it is. But it remains the only true test for gentlemen.

    James Bond : On that score, I doubt you qualify. However, I accept.

  • Francisco Scaramanga : [after Bond has broken out of Hai Fat's karate school]  ... What do they teach at that academy? Ballet dancing?

    Hai Fat : I find nothing amusing in Mr. Bond's escape. May I remind you that you work for me. I took you on to be an occasional consultant, nothing more. I did not pay you to interfere in my affairs. Is that understood? Now, return to the plant and don't leave there without my permission.

    [he doesn't see Scaramanga assembling the Golden Gun] 

    Hai Fat : ...I now regret having even considered employing your services, but that is beside the point. Bond doesn't know you; he's never seen you. But he knows me. That's the problem.

    Francisco Scaramanga : That's no problem.

    [He shoots Fat dead, then disassembles the Golden Gun as one of Fat's aides comes to investigate] 

    Francisco Scaramanga : ...Mr. Fat has just resigned. I am the new Chairman of the Board.

    [goes outside] 

    Francisco Scaramanga : ...Fat always did like that mausoleum. Put him in it.

  • [after Scaramanga kills a hired gun brought in by Nick Nack] 

    Nick-nack : This one was the best, n'est-ce pas?

    Scaramanga : Not bad, not bad at all. But you're going to have to do better if you want to come into my money.

    Nick-nack : I'll get you yet. And I'll enjoy everything you leave me.

    Scaramanga : You'll be the death of me yet, Nick Nack.

  • Francisco Scaramanga : My name is Scaramanga. Francisco Scaramanga. I feel I know you, although I never thought we would ever really meet. But it has been a pleasure for me to finally meet you Mr. Bond, thanks to Miss Anders here.

    James Bond : You have a strange way of showing your gratitude.

    Francisco Scaramanga : A mistress cannot serve two masters. She was a difficult shot, but most gratifying.

    James Bond : We all get our jollies one way or another.

    Francisco Scaramanga : Mine has always been guns, Mr. Bond.

  • Francisco Scaramanga : How do you like my island, Mr Bond?

    James Bond : A bit off the beaten track, isn't it?

  • [first lines] 

    Francisco Scaramanga : Nick Nack! Tabasco!

    Nick-nack : Right away, Monsieur Scaramanga.

  • [on the dead Andrea Anders] 

    Francisco Scaramanga : Forget the girl, she's replaceable. Eventually, I shall find what she stole from me. Personally, I've got nothing against you, Mr. Bond, and to keep it that way... let us hope our paths never cross again. Please don't try to follow me.

    James Bond : Your peanut-toting friend back there wouldn't like it?

    Francisco Scaramanga : No, he wouldn't.

  • [Seeing Andrea Anders dead, Bond begins looking through her purse for the Solex device] 

    James Bond : Darling, it must be in your handbag. I saw the man at the shop give it to you.

    [Scaramanga appears and sits beside Bond who takes little notice] 

    James Bond : [to Scaramanga]  Sorry for what it must look like. Without the ticket, we can't get a recpit for customs.

    Francisco Scaramanga : You woun't find it in there, Mr. Bond. I looked before you came.

    [alarmed, Bond is going to draw his gun against Scaramanga] 

    Francisco Scaramanga : I wouldn't do that either. Look behind you.

    [Bond turns around, but sees no one] 

    Francisco Scaramanga : Lower.

    [Bond looks down and realizes Nick Nack is behind him with a small pistol and a bag of peanuts in his hands] 

    James Bond : A gun in a bag of peanuts, how original. What will they think of next?

  • [on the solar gun he is about to destroy Bond's seaplane with] 

    Francisco Scaramanga : [proudly]  This is a bonus. Goes with the solex, no extra charge!

  • [Goodnight, a prisoner on Scaramanga's island, appears in a bikini] 

    Francisco Scaramanga : Ah, here's Miss Goodnight now.

    Goodnight : James!

    James Bond : Aren't we a little overdressed, Goodnight?

  • Francisco Scaramanga : [at lunch]  Let us see what Nick Nack has for us. Ahh, mushrooms!

    Goodnight : [sharply, to Bond]  The fried mushroom looks terribly interesting.

    James Bond : Yes, I had noticed that. I'll get around to it later.

  • Francisco Scaramanga : You see, Mr Bond, like every great artist, I want to create an indisputable masterpiece, once in my lifetime: the death of 007. Mano a mano. Face to Face. Will me mine.

    James Bond : You mean - stuffed and displayed at your rocky mantelpiece?

    Francisco Scaramanga : It's an amusing idea, but I was thinking in terms of history.

  • Francisco Scaramanga : This is the part I really like.

    [Scaramanga destroys Bond's sea plane with a solar-powered weapon] 

    Francisco Scaramanga : Now that's what I call solar power.

    James Bond : That's what I call trouble.

  • James Bond : The oil sheiks will pay you just to keep the solex off the market.

    Francisco Scaramanga : The thought had occurred to me.

  • Francisco Scaramanga : [Raises his glass in a toast]  To us, Mr. Bond. We are the best.

    James Bond : There's a useful four-letter word, and you're full of it. When I kill, it's on the specific orders of my government, and those I kill are themselves killers.

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