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The standard cable and commercial broadcast versions omit racial slurs and some bad language. Extent of the editing is contingent on whether the TV-PG, or TV-14 version is being shown.
When Blazing Saddles was aired on Fox Family Channel in 2001, when Lillie Von Schtupp's name was mentioned, the Schtupp part was left out. There was also a scene ater Bart tried the dynamite but the detonator wouldn't cooperate with Lillie Von Schtupp not catching a remark Bart called out so Gabby Johnson explains it to her in his drunken gibberish.
When aired on Fox Family, the part Hedley Lamaar is looking through a law book for 'Land Snatch' was altered: when Hedley get's to the part of the book that says 'See Snatch' is changed to 'See Property'.
These scenes were altered for TV viewing: When Bart asks Jim what he'd like to do, Jim's response of "Play chess...Screw?" Was changed to: "Play chess...Saloon?"; A line of dialogue from Jim was altered to remove the word 'pissant'; Jim's line of "Little bastard shot me in the ass" was changed to "Little punk shot me in the you know."; Racial slurs like "nigger" and "chink" were still intact.
On most TV prints, the song sung by the citizens of Rock Ridge in the church is censored at the end. In the original, they sing "Our town is turning into shit." The TV version dubs an off-key organ chord sound effect over the offensive word.
One TV print shown on US network TV in the 1980s removed all sounds of belching and flatulence from the campfire beans sequence. As a result viewers watched the cowboys standing up and sitting down for no apparent reason.
Gov. Le Petomane also, in some televised versions, shakes hands with the cardboard townspeople in fake Rock Ridge.
Previous versions shown on TV in the UK show Mongo's blackened face after the Candy Gram explodes. In all release versions, the scene fades out before we see Mongo's blackened face.
TV prints use an alternate take of a sequence in which Rock Ridge's town priest says a prayer. In the theatrical version, the prayer ends with the line, "...or are we just jerking off?" The TV version substitutes a take (shot from a different angle) in which the prayer ends with, "...or are we just whisting Dixie?" The 2004 DVD release includes this alternate take.
The TV release has five extra scenes that weren't in the theatrical release:
  • When Sheriff Bart is trying to capture Mongo, after he delivers the "CandyGram for Mongo", it then shows a "draw on the dummy sheriff" game that fires a cannon at Mongo, and then a scene Bart convinces Mongo to go diving down a well for Spanish Doubloons and Bart stops pumping air to the diving suit because it's time for his lunch break.
  • Bart and Jim run away from Hedley Lamarr and his gang whilst wearing the KKK outfits. They run into some Born-again Christians having a baptism/picnic and join in.
  • Lily Von Shtupp (Madeline Kahn) gives a brief spoken introduction to the saloon crowd before beginning her song.
  • Governor Le Petomaine (Mel Brooks) arrives in the fake Rock Ridge a few moments before the final showdown, in a stagecoach with a flashing red light on the back, makes a joke about losing the "blue collar vote" and does a skit in the town where he impersonates Harpo Marx.
  • When the dynamite fails to explode, Lily Von Schtuup says with some German rambling that it didn't work. When nobody knows what she said the guy that speaks frontier gibberish tries to translate. Those around him hit him with their hats.

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