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Season 2

13 Sep. 1974
Nuclear Alert
Oscar learns that a tactical atomic bomb has been sold on the black market for $60 million. Suspecting that the seller has not yet gotten all the required parts together, Steve Austin volunteers to protect the suspected last missing part fresh from the factory, a reflector fuse.
20 Sep. 1974
The Pioneers
Two scientists, David Tate and Nicole Simmons are secretly send up in space as an O.S.I experiment to test their new cell regeneration serum while in suspended animation. Unfortunately their space capsule malfunctions and crashes in Minnesota. David is accidentally injected with too much of the serum, resulting in violent, animalistic behavior and super human strength. Dr. Rudy Wells and Col. Steve Austin are first on the scene.
27 Sep. 1974
Pilot Error
Senator Ed Hill is facing charges after crashing an airplane he was piloting. Colonel Steve Austin is asked to look into the case. Oscar Goldman reminds him that the Senator was directly responsible for the funding of Austin's bionics. On the way back Steve shares a small private plane with the Senator, his son and his chief aide, when they are caught in bad weather and Hill's reflexes once again falter.
4 Oct. 1974
The Pal-Mir Escort
Prime-Minister Salka Pal-Mir of the Republic of Eretz desperately needs a heart transplant in order to continue with the peace talks she has been planning for years. Because of her specialized case, Dr. Rudy Wells offers to giver her the world's first bionic heart transplant. When she refused to travel to the research center in Mountain Springs by airplane, Steve Austin, posing as her bodyguard transports Pal-Mir and her doctor by the OSI's mobile field unit.
1 Nov. 1974
The Seven Million Dollar Man
Oscar has had another man fitted with bionic limbs but he becomes power hungry and wants to be even stronger, then heads out to destroy bionic blueprints and Steve must stop him.
8 Nov. 1974
Straight on 'til Morning
During preparations for a lunar probe launch, Colonel Steve Austin witnesses strange lights in the sky and becomes convinced it's a UFO. A family of four space explorers, each trained with specific tasks has crash landed on Earth, only to find that touching a human causes both parties great pain and will eventually kill the alien beings.
15 Nov. 1974
The Midas Touch
Oscar Goldman has disappeared while inspecting the Bull Frog gold mine near Elk Horn, Nevada by request of his old friend Bert Carrington. Colonel Steve Austin refuses to believe his friend and superior is involved in a gold-raid and decides to do some investigating.
22 Nov. 1974
The Deadly Replay
The HL-10, the vehicle Steve Austin was piloting when he had his crash two years ago, has been rebuilt and Steve is asked to have another go at it by his old friend Jay Rogers. Although Oscar Goldman is reluctant because the plane may have been sabotaged the first time around, Steve becomes obsessed with taking this second chance and seeing it through.
29 Nov. 1974
Act of Piracy
Colonel Steve Austin is placing earthquake sensors on the ocean floor with Dr. Louis Craig of the US fishing boat Nesco. When the nearby country of Santa Ventura breaks of diplomatic relations with the U.S., a patrol boat captures the Nesco and severs the air hose to the diving bell Steve Austin is manning.
13 Dec. 1974
Stranger in Broken Fork
Steve Austin's bionic arm malfunctions while he is piloting a plane. After crashing, Austin suffers from amnesia as a side effect from the malfunction. He soon meets psychologist Angie Walker who runs an experimental convalescence home for mental patients. Unfortunately, the small town folk of Broken Fork are very suspicious of strangers and Angie's patients in particular.
20 Dec. 1974
The Peeping Blonde
KNUZ television reporter Victoria Webster captures Steve Austin using his bionic powers on film and confronts both him and Oscar Goldman with this knowledge. As the two of them were just about to leave on a vacation to Baja (Oscar's first in three years) they decide to invite her along to grant her an interview and try to talk her out of printing her story.
10 Jan. 1975
The Cross-Country Kidnap
OSI computer programmer Liza Leitman who also competes in Olympic horse racing, is under threat of being kidnapped. Though she refuses to have any of Oscar's 'dwarfs' shadowing her, Oscar sends Steve Austin to tail her anyway.
17 Jan. 1975
Lost Love
Steve runs into an old flame, Barbara Thatcher, and learns she has recently become a widow. However, just as the two of them start to know each other once more, Barbara gets a call from the Bacarian Embassy, where her husband is hiding, alive and reasonably well.
19 Jan. 1975
The Last Kamikaze
A plane carrying a new kind of atomic warhead goes down on a remote South Pacific island, and the prototype seems to have fallen into the hands of a Japanese soldier who's has possibly been surviving on the island since WWII, convinced the war is still going on.
26 Jan. 1975
Return of the Robot Maker
Dr. Chester Dolenz replaces Oscar Goldman with a new and improved robot. The impostor sends Steve Austin on a suicide mission to brave the defenses of the new Brahmin Institute. Austin decides to take along some new gadgets invented by fellow OSI agent and part time inventor Barney Barnes.
2 Feb. 1975
Steve Austin promises the sheriff of Kanab County to find and protect a rare and legendary cougar known as Taneha from a group of townsfolk intend on hunting down and killing the animal. He joins forces with a young girl E.J. Haskell, who has a personal vendetta against the wild cat.
23 Feb. 1975
Look Alike
Down on his luck boxer Johnny Dine has had plastic surgery to make him Steve Austin's double. He then infiltrates the OSI building when the real Austin is on a fishing holiday. After finding out the truth, Steve decides to turn the tables on Dine's superiors by posing as the boxer in turn.
2 Mar. 1975
The E.S.P. Spy
US government weapon designer Harry Green is arrested on suspicion of selling his ideas to the opposition. His friend Steve Austin convinces Oscar Goldman that Harry could be the victim of an E.S.P. spy who by reading his mind managed to copy his designs. Oscar is then persuaded to take on a similarly gifted counterspy, young student Audrey Moss.
16 Mar. 1975
The Bionic Woman
Steve Austin reunites with his childhood sweetheart only to have her suffer a crippling accident which can only be rectified with bionic implants.
23 Mar. 1975
The Bionic Woman: Part 2
Steve Austin has proposed to Jaime Sommers and a wedding date is set. When Oscar Goldman plans on sending Jaime on her first assignment, Steve is very reluctant and insists on joining her. Furthermore Jaime keeps having bionic malfunctions and increasing headaches.
20 Apr. 1975
Outrage in Balinderry
An Amassador's wife is kidnapped by the Independent Balinderry Army, I.B.A. for short. As Steve Austin heads for the small island republic to save her, he becomes involved with Unit 10 of the I.B.A. and it's mysterious leader, Commander 10.
27 Apr. 1975
Steve Austin, Fugitive
Steve Austin is framed for murder by a former adversary. With Oscar and Rudy out of town, the only one he can trust is Oscar's newest secretary, Miss Callahan.

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