The Box Poster


Episode List



12 Feb. 1974
Episode #1.2
After Eddie's harrowing comeback, Lee and Paul reach a decision. Kay and Paul rendezvous.
13 Feb. 1974
Episode #1.3
Lee and Judy anxiously discuss Paul's suggestion.
14 Feb. 1974
Episode #1.4
Gary is surprised by Jean's behaviour. Vicki gives Tony a severe warning regarding Felicity.
15 Feb. 1974
Episode #1.5
Sir Henry is not sure what to make of Lee. Max receives an unnerving visitor.
18 Feb. 1974
Episode #1.6
Felecity's deception is uncovered. Tony is still confused when he confronts Max and Paul.
19 Feb. 1974
Episode #1.7
Vicki realises she has misjudged Felicity. Sex symbol Fanny Adams arrives.