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Season 1

23 Sep. 1974
A Matter of Survival
Free spirited Terri Hill has to survive in the bush after crashing her light aircraft.
30 Sep. 1974
Death of a Hunter
Ex-hunter Archie Gordon plans to make amends for his past by tackling some modern day ivory poachers.
7 Oct. 1974
Africa's Child
A friend of the Adamsons allows his granddaughter to stay with them for a while. Will bush country make an impression on young Regan?
14 Oct. 1974
The Masai Rebels
A Masai warrior decides to prove his manhood by hunting a large lion. Big game hunter (Glenn Corbett) has the same idea.
28 Oct. 1974
The Flying Doctor of Kenya
Dr. Claire Hanley sets out on her first village tour with the East African Flying Doctor Service. She will need to learn to be adaptable to both local customs and demanding field conditions. Joy is on hand to offer advice. Elsa is in a rather mischievous mood.
4 Nov. 1974
The Trespassers
After several years of absence, a tribe of Masai nomads is back. Some time after their coming, Paul Morgan, the vet, finds that their cattle has been contaminated by rinderpest. He accordingly asks the Masais the right to examine the animals but, despite Joy and George Adamson's intervention, Olotuno, the tribe's chief formally opposes the idea...
11 Nov. 1974
The Maneaters of Merti
Two killer lions have claimed several lives. George begins a coordinated search using both villagers and game wardens. These particular lions are unusually cunning however.
18 Nov. 1974
Elsa's Odyssey
Regan clings to Joy when her estranged mother turns up in Kenya unexpectedly to meet her. Elsa becomes a temporary surrogate parent to some lion cubs.
25 Nov. 1974
The White Rhino
Rob Mallory is shocked when the government adds his land to a requisition list. Fearing for the farm he had planned to leave to granddaughter Regan, he agrees a contract with a zoo trapper to raise funds.
30 Dec. 1974
The Devil Leopard
The Adamsons hunt a killer leopard while tribesmen are being encouraged by an anthropologist to return to their old illegal ways.

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