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  • A teenage girl suffers a nervous breakdown.

  • A 19 years old London girl received agressive psychiatric treatments for her schizophrenic behaviour by a doctor who still wants her family to insure the guard of the child without any regards to the facts that it is this family who's agravating her situation.

  • Based on the work of the genius R D Laing. Smashes the idealistic, 'pie in the sky' perceptions of 'the family' to smithereens. Arguably Loach's best work. Cannot recommend this film enough and also the necessity for people to read and learn from R D Laing.


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  • A young woman, Janice, is living with her restrictive and conservative parents, who lead a dull working-class life, and consider their daughter to be "misbehaving" whenever she's trying to find her own way in life. When she becomes pregnant, they force her into abortion, and hypocritically blame her for "upsetting them" when she is unable cope with the emotional and mental effect this has on her. The film is depressing and excruciatingly painful and hard to watch, as Janice is subjected to brain-washing and reproach by her parents and shockingly self-righteous and ignorant doctors (could this have been only 25 years ago???). A masterpiece, a stark and painful portrait of a hypocritical society.

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