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Sex & Nudity

  • One mention of the term 'poontang'
  • Some talk about women by two main characters.
  • A settler offers his wife to a group of boys. The woman then unbuttons her shirt, but it cuts away before we see anything. Jake then accepts the settler's offer and leads the woman off screen for a brief time, while the others look on. He quickly reappears and the settler asks him if he is done.

Violence & Gore

  • In the beginning of the film, two characters get into a fight, with punching, grabbing, and throwing into walls. One character is seen with blood on his hand.
  • A character hits his hand so it appears broken.
  • During a robbery, Jake pulls a gun on one of the robbers but he does not shoot it.
  • A farmer threatens a group of boys with a shotgun.
  • We see the aftermath of a farm robbery, with a barn on fire and a small body count.


  • 12 uses of sh_t
  • 11 uses of godd_mn, 1 use of d_mnit, 3 uses of d_mn
  • 4 uses of n_gger
  • 5 uses of hell
  • 7 uses of son-of-a-b_tch
  • 2 uses of jackass
  • 1 use of piss-ant

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Dated use of cigarettes and pipes to smoke tobacco.
  • A marshal uses chewing tobacco near the end of the film.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This film is fairly tame in content, with the only intense scenes being the violent ones.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Twice in the film, Drew is hit over the head with a pistol and knocked unconscious.
  • A rabbit is killed by a group of boys, and then Jake skins it. This could be potentially upsetting to rabbit lovers.
  • In one scene, Boog steals a pie from a windowsill. As he runs off with it, he is shot in the head, with blood splatter. As the other boys run away, Drew is shot in the shoulder, and is later seen with blood on his sleeve.
  • Jim Bob and Loney are found hanging from a tree. Can be rather unsettling.
  • A shootout occurs in one scene, in which 4 robbers are killed. The first one is shot with no blood. The second one is shot in the neck and then in the face with some blood seen. The third is shot twice in the back, no blood but we still see a wound. The fourth is shot 4 times in the chest area, with graphic blood splatter.
  • A farm robber is hanged from a tree. Unsettling and Disturbing.
  • A posse of marshals open fire on a wooden shack, with people inside being shot, bloody wounds are seen. Afterwards, some people run out of the shack and fire on the posse, with some of them running away. In the ensuing chaos, Drew tackles Jake, kicking and beating him until he is unconscious, and he is later seen with a bloody nose. Overall this scene is sudden and shocking.

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