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Season 9

27 Nov. 1980
The Outrage: Part 1
Verdie's husband Harley is arrested for an old crime. John tries to prove his innocence or a way to avoid prison. John-Boy and Toni try to find Jason in France. Corabeth stops working at the store. Elizabeth puts off Drew to ride her horse.
27 Nov. 1980
The Outrage: Part 2
Verdie's husband Harley is arrested for an old crime. John tries to prove his innocence or a way to avoid prison. John-Boy and Toni try to find Jason in France. Corabeth stops working at the store. Elizabeth puts off Drew to ride her horse.
4 Dec. 1980
The Pledge
Mary Ellen wants to attend medical school. The dean wants to keep her out, but she is persistent. The Baldwin sisters send The Recipe to Jason in France.
18 Dec. 1980
The Triumph
Jason and his squad find out the war is over, but there is a German soldier still shooting at them. One of the squad members talks to the soldier, just a young kid himself. Ike Godsey has to go to court for not following rationing policies.
25 Dec. 1980
The Premonition
While happy the war is over, Cindy has a premonition that Ben is in trouble. The family finds out Ben was captured. John-Boy is still in France and falls in love with a woman who owns a book store. He researches story on unexploded mines.
1 Jan. 1981
The Pursuit
A woman accuses Jim-Bob of fathering her unborn child. He is prepared to marry her, but it turns out she is not pregnant. Jason is still in Europe entertaining troops, and Ben is still in a prison camp.
8 Jan. 1981
The Last Ten Days
Ben and another captured solider are led from camp on an unknown trip. Turns out they are taken to American soldiers and the Japanese solider surrenders. Jason doesn't want to get married right away, and Toni is upset. (August 1945)
15 Jan. 1981
The Move
Ben returns home. He plans on leaving the Waltons' mill and becoming an engineer. Olivia has a relapse in her health and has to again leave Walton's Mountain.
22 Jan. 1981
The Whirlwind
Jonesy arrives in town and meets Mary Ellen. They have a whirlwind romance and plan to marry. Mary Ellen receives some surprising news about Curtis after all these years. Jason buys the abandoned Dew Drop Inn and reopens it.
5 Feb. 1981
The Tempest
Mary Ellen travels to Florida. Curtis is still alive, wounded and different. They talk and realize the marriage is indeed over. Erin and Picket come to blows and she quits. Jonesy talks Picket into rehiring Erin for a better deal.
12 Feb. 1981
The Carousel
When Cindy's father dies, she goes through his things and she finds adoption papers. She then wonders how could her biological mother gave her up. So she and Ben try to find her.
19 Feb. 1981
The Hot Rod
Jim-Bob and Jody open an auto repair place. The Baldwin sisters' still is discovered by the government and they come to dismantle it. Ike helps them find a way to continue making the recipe.
26 Feb. 1981
The Gold Watch
Stanley Perkins is retired and returns to the mountain to see Rose. He helps the community but is really falling apart. His sister arrives to take him home, but the community helps him realize he still has things to offer for work.
5 Mar. 1981
The Beginning
Another new minister begins at Walton's Mountain. The church is in disarray, but he gets the community involved. The Walton family finds out Toni is a Jew and are unsure of how to react. Toni questions her own faith.
12 Mar. 1981
The Pearls
Corabeth returns to her family home to help a dying aunt. Her twin Orma Lee visits the mountain. (She is played by Ronnie Claire Edwards.) Orma Lee is quite the opposite of Corabeth. Elizabeth wants to visit Olivia and John in Arizona.
19 Mar. 1981
The Victims
A neighbor is being beaten by her drunken husband and the Waltons help. Jim-Bob purchases some war surplus items and it seems like he will lose his investment, but turns out there is a buyer.
2 Apr. 1981
The Threshold
John-Boy needs a job. At the university, he convinces them to let him set up a television media program. He hosts a television spot. Jim-Bob builds a television so they can see the show. Zuleika tries to come between Rose and Stanley.
7 May 1981
The Indiscretion
Corabeth finds a romantic letter in Ike's belongings and wants a divorce. She says she could not forgive him; he says he forgave her. Turns out he knew about her visits with former friend. Drew and Elizabeth celebrate one year.
14 May 1981
The Heartache
Rose and Stanley plan to get married. Rose finds out she has a heart condition and tries to break it off. He does not mind staying on the sidelines of life with her. Cindy gets a job but soon realizes she wants to be a stay-at-home mom.
21 May 1981
The Lumberjack
A new company starts in the area and wants to sell wood to the Waltons. Erin and he fall in love. Jim-Bob and Ike try to find metals in the mountains to make money, but they find illegally dumped waste.
28 May 1981
The Hostage
One of Mary Ellen's mountain patient dies, leaving his young teen to the helping hand. Mary Ellen intervenes because she is so young. He kidnaps Elizabeth until he gets the girl.
4 Jun. 1981
The Revel
John-Boy returns to New York with a new book - that is not good. He returns to the mountain to write more. Meanwhile, the Baldwin Sisters plan a class reunion. When no one attends, the community becomes their guests.

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