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4 Jan. 1982
Follies of the Living - Concerns of the Dead
While Klinger is delirious with fever, he communicates with the ghost of deceased Private Jimmy Weston.
11 Jan. 1982
The Birthday Girls
Margaret tries desperately to get to Tokyo for her birthday, and the camp helps an injured cow give birth with Klinger starting a betting pool on the exact day and time.
18 Jan. 1982
Blood and Guts
When a visiting U.N. war correspondent sensationalizes the war instead of reporting it, Hawkeye is outraged. B.J. tries to repair a motorcycle donated to him by a wounded private.
1 Feb. 1982
A Holy Mess
A special egg breakfast is complicated by a distraught AWOL soldier talking Father Mulcahy into granting him sanctuary in the mess tent during a preceding church service.
8 Feb. 1982
The Tooth Shall Set You Free
While Winchester fearfully avoids getting his agonizing toothache treated, the other surgeons discover a racist commander is sending his African-American soldiers disproportionally into dangerous duty.
15 Feb. 1982
Pressure Points
After Hawkeye corrects a mistake that Colonel Potter made on a patient, Potter fears he's losing his touch badly enough to summon Dr. Sidney Freeman.
22 Feb. 1982
Where There's a Will, There's a War
Fearing for his life at an aid station, Hawkeye writes his will with special bequests for his friends.
1 Mar. 1982
Promotion Commotion
When Charles, Hawkeye, and B.J. determine promotion recommendations, they are wooed by the enlisted staff while a bully physically threatens Charles. Potter helps a GI who is being razzed by colleagues for being faithful to his girl.
15 Mar. 1982
A famous prizefighter, "Gentleman Joe" Cavanaugh, comes to visit the 4077th and while there, has a stroke. Everyone is irritated as Pierce, serving as his doctor, becomes spokesman to the press. Father Mulcahy is upset, since Gentleman Joe was his childhood hero.
22 Mar. 1982
Sons and Bowlers
Ignoring Margaret's offers to help, Potter and B.J. head a bowling team in a championship match against the Marines. Hawkeye's father is having an operation back home, so Hawkeye feels helpless enough to confide in Charles.
5 Apr. 1982
Picture This
After becoming fed up with his bunkmates' living habits, Hawkeye moves out of The Swamp and into a quaint shack behind Rosie's. Meanwhile, Charles and B.J. continue to annoy one another: Charles with his loud, classical music playing at all hours, and B.J. constantly sharing news of Erin's potty training; Colonel Potter wants to paint a portrait of the entire camp as a present for Mildred, but it proves difficult with the men fighting with one another. Klinger, Margaret and Father Mulcahy take it upon themselves to try and get the Swampmen back together. Will they ...
12 Apr. 1982
That Darn Kid
A peddler wheels his cart into camp. Klinger buys from him a goat to get rich selling milk. B.J. shows interest in a blue vase, but Charles outbids him greatly. Meanwhile, much to his chagrin, Hawkeye is paymaster again. But just as he gets the pay rolling, wounded arrive. Hawkeye tells Klinger to keep an eye on the money while he's in surgery. Unfortunately, Klinger left the money in his office alone with the goat...Hawk and Klinger return to find the money gone. It had been eaten. No way would I-CORPS believe that. Worse yet, he still had a ton of angry, unpaid ...
25 Oct. 1982
Hey, Look Me Over
The nurses return from evacuation to find that the doctors have left the camp a mess. Potter announces an inspection in two days, so Margaret and the nurses try to get everything reorganized. Nurse Kelly is mad at Hawkeye for ignoring her.
1 Nov. 1982
Trick or Treatment
It's time for the annual 4077th Halloween party. Hawkeye is dressed as Superman, B.J. is a clown, Margaret is a geisha girl, Colonel Potter is a cowboy and Klinger is Al Capone. But it's not much of a party for the surgeons when unexpected wounded guests show up; Charles tries to help a slovenly marine who has a billiard ball stuck in his mouth; Father Mulcahy inadvertently saves a man's life when he is presumed dead.
8 Nov. 1982
Foreign Affairs
Charles falls in love with a French Red Cross woman but realizes that their lifestyles are not compatible. Hawkeye and BJ are helping with an army PR stunt in their own way.
15 Nov. 1982
The Joker Is Wild
It's another M*A*S*H prankathon. This time, Hawkeye appears to be the marked man after menial practical jokes happen to everyone in camp, but him. Will they get him too? Or is Hawkeye already the victim of an even larger practical joke?
22 Nov. 1982
Who Knew?
When a nurse that Hawkeye is dating dies, he offers to deliver her eulogy and discovers that he didn't know her. Klinger tries to interest Charles in a business venture.
29 Nov. 1982
The whole 4077 are looking forward to a visit from Marilyn Monroe after a rumor starts; while B.J.'s fishing trip doesn't go as planned.
6 Dec. 1982
Settling Debts
Hawkeye receives a letter from Colonel Potters wife where she informs that she has paid the last mortgage on their home and asks Hawkeye and friends to throw a small surprise party for Potter to celebrate.
13 Dec. 1982
The Moon Is Not Blue
Bored at the terrible film selection, Hawkeye and BJ try to get a copy of the notorious film, "The Moon is Blue." Wounded General Rothaker declares prohibition in camp.
20 Dec. 1982
Run for the Money
Father Mulcahy must save the camp's honor in a high-stakes footrace against the 8063rd. Hawkeye, BJ, and Hot Lips each bet on it. Meanwhile, Charles tries to help Private Walter Palmer, a patient who suffers frequent verbal abuse from his fellow soldiers due to a speech impediment.

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