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Season 8

17 Sep. 1979
Too Many Cooks
The 4077 receives a patient who is a bumbler at the front but regular gourmet in the mess tent. The surgical staff try and convince Potter to keep him but he flatly refuses. He has enough trouble as it is, his marriage is in danger.
24 Sep. 1979
Are You Now, Margaret?
A visiting Congressional aide accuses Margaret of being a Communist sympathizer and it could ruin her career. This dovetails with Klinger entering the Stars & Stripes photo contest.
1 Oct. 1979
Guerilla My Dreams
Hawkeye refuses to accept a South Korean officer's warning that a wounded civilian he brought in is a dangerous enemy guerrilla soldier. Charles finds a new chess opponent.
8 Oct. 1979
Good-Bye Radar: Part 1
As Radar returns from leave, the camp struggles with a total loss of electricity due to a malfunctioning generator and a stolen backup.
15 Oct. 1979
Good-Bye Radar: Part 2
Although Radar is granted a hardship discharge, the camp's difficulties make him seriously consider staying. Klinger begins taking over the company clerk job.
22 Oct. 1979
Period of Adjustment
B.J. and Klinger get drunk in despair at being envious to the now departed Radar.
29 Oct. 1979
Nurse Doctor
The senior staff's attempt to help a nurse enter medical school to become a doctor is complicated by her unwanted romantic advances towards Father Mulcahy. Only Charles is unaffected by a drought and water shortage.
5 Nov. 1979
Private Finance
Pierce deals with a dead soldier's ill-gotten gains, while a Korean mama attacks Klinger for dishonoring her daughter.
12 Nov. 1979
Mr. and Mrs. Who?
After a drunken trip to Tokyo, Winchester is visited by his new wife. Meanwhile, the camp is hit with an outbreak of hemorrhagic fever that they don't know how to deal with.
19 Nov. 1979
The Yalu Brick Road
Hawkeye and BJ get lost in enemy territory while Klinger's Thanksgiving turkey sickens most of the camp with salmonella.
26 Nov. 1979
Life Time
When one soldier, George, needs an aorta within 20 minutes to avoid paralysis and another soldier, Harold, arrives brain dead but with a beating heart, BJ must decide if he should remove Harold's aorta to save George's life.
3 Dec. 1979
Dear Uncle Abdul
Resigned to staying for his term of service, Klinger writes home about his job, which includes appeasing the officers' eccentricities. A home-bound patient says goodbye to the slow-witted buddy who saved his life in battle.
10 Dec. 1979
Captain's Outrageous
While the 4077th staff substitute for Rosie after she's injured in a brawl at her bar, Father Mulcahy is at the end of his patience when he is passed over for promotion yet again.
17 Dec. 1979
Stars and Stripes
During a lull in casualties, friction occurs when Charles and B.J. try to write an article for a prestigious journal on a procedure they'd performed. Margaret discovers more about herself through a visit from Scully.
31 Dec. 1979
Yessir, That's Our Baby
When the 4077th staff find an abandoned Amerasian baby, their efforts to help her prove a frustrating struggle.
7 Jan. 1980
Bottle Fatigue
Hawkeye goes on the wagon and drives everyone crazy. When Winchester hears that his sister is going to marry an Italian, he goes nuts, doing everything in his power to stop the marriage.
14 Jan. 1980
Heal Thyself
When Potter and Charles are quarantined with mumps and get on each others' nerves, a replacement surgeon from Tokyo is brought in.
21 Jan. 1980
Old Soldiers
When Potter visits a sick friend in Tokyo, Hawkeye is in charge and the 4077th treats a group of refugee orphans.
28 Jan. 1980
Morale Victory
While Hawkeye and BJ struggle as morale officers of the disgruntled camp, Winchester tries to help a patient whose pianist career seems ruined due to a crippled hand.
4 Feb. 1980
Lend a Hand
Everyone at the 4077 is so cranky, cold and bored, BJ decides the only way to uplift spirits is to "borrow" Hawkeye's birthday. Hawkeye is not amused. Captain Anthony Borelli (Robert Alda) visits the 4077 to lecture about peripheral nerve grafting to replace entire segments of skin. Borelli has always really annoyed Hawkeye. When the surgeon is injured at the Battalion Aid Station, Hawkeye rushes to volunteer for duty, just to avoid Borelli. But Borelli insists on accompanying him--so Hawkeye "borrows" BJ's wedding anniversary to substitute for his birthday. After ...
11 Feb. 1980
Goodbye, Cruel World
When Klinger's attempt to redecorate his office is rejected, he decides to desert while Hawkeye has a homebound war hero patient who attempts suicide.
18 Feb. 1980
During a hectic non-stop rush of wounded that is overcrowding the camp, the staff's brief naps have disturbing dreams in which the war is an never-ending intrusion.
3 Mar. 1980
War Co-Respondent
B.J. feels torn when he and visiting war correspondent Aggie O'Shea fall for each other.
10 Mar. 1980
Back Pay
Pierce is upset by the fact that civilian doctors are making a lot of money off the war, and decides to bill the army for all his work. Meanwhile, Winchester is reluctantly showing 3 Korean doctors American medical techniques, putting them down all the while, until he is on the receiving end of their expertise.
24 Mar. 1980
April Fools
Spit and polish Colonel Tucker visits the camp at the worst time during April Fool's Day. Klinger, egged on by Sergeant Rizzo, uses reverse psychology to try to get out of the Army.

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