M*A*S*H (TV Series 1972–1983) Poster


Gary Burghoff: Cpl. Walter 'Radar' O'Reilly



  • Radar : [takes a drink of Hawkeye's home-made gin, and grimaces]  I thought this stuff was supposed to make you feel better.

    B.J. : No. It's supposed to make you feel nothing.

  • Henry Blake : Will you stop saying what I'm thinking?

    Radar : One of us has to.

  • Radar : My own father didn't have me until he was 63, and the first time we played peek-a-boo together he had a stroke.

  • Frank Burns : The men hate me, don't they?

    Radar : Just your guts, sir.

  • Henry Blake : Do we have enough sherry and ginger-ale for the General?

    Radar : Oh, nobody does, sir.

    Henry Blake : Oh, fine then, if nobody does we don't have to, but make sure we do, just in case we don't.

  • Radar : [on the phone with the US]  Whoa, did you know it's yesterday there?

    Hawkeye : Well, it's today here.

    B.J. : It's always today here.

    Hawkeye : Oh, yeah? What about tomorrow?

    B.J. : Good point.

    Hawkeye : Ha, I wasn't born yesterday!

  • Radar : Sir, I was just crossing the compound when...

    Frank Burns : I have no interest in the compound.

    Klinger : He has no compound-interest.

  • Radar : Sir, there's someone waiting to see you.

    Henry Blake : I was born with someone waiting to see me.

  • Radar : Will Scotch be all right for everybody, sir?

    Henry Blake : Yeah, fine, Radar - perfect.

    Radar : [offering a drink to Captain Sloan]  Uh, I ran out of ice sir, so I used bourbon.

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