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7 Jan. 1978
Freudian Ship
The Hartleys go on a Caribbean cruise and Bob ends up counseling a couple on board.
14 Jan. 1978
Grizzly Emily
Bob has a fishing trip planned with his father but his flight is delayed. Emily, Jerry and Howard end up going up to the cabin without him and Emily learns her father-in-law only wants her there for cooking and cleaning.
21 Jan. 1978
Son of an Ex-Con Job
Bob meets with his ex-con therapy group and talks about their goals. Howard read a book about Houdini and tries to perform his tricks.
28 Jan. 1978
Group on a Hot Tin Roof
Mr. Plager has written a screenplay about World War I that is obviously based on the therapy group.
4 Feb. 1978
Emily Carlin, Emily Carlin
Mr. Carlin has a high school reunion coming up and asks Emily to pretend to be his wife.
11 Feb. 1978
Easy for You to Say
Bob has a new patient with a stuttering problem joining the therapy group.
18 Feb. 1978
It Didn't Happen One Night
When Bob is out of town, Emily has an old college friend over for dinner. Howard, Jerry and Carol are concerned that this friend is a newly divorced old flame.
4 Mar. 1978
Carol Ankles for Indie-Prod
Bob and Jerry nominate Carol for Secretary of the Year only to find that Carol wants to quit and work for Mr. Carlin.
11 Mar. 1978
Crisis in Education
The reading scores at Emily's school are the lowest in the school's history. Jerry and Howard argue over who is Bob's best friend.
1 Apr. 1978
Happy Trails to You
Bob has decided to close his practice and accept a job in Oregon.

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