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8 Jan. 1977
Love Is the Blindest
Mr. Carlin thinks his secretary likes him so Bob suggests he take her on a date.
15 Jan. 1977
The Ironwood Experience
Bob has been asked to give a lecture about sex at the Ironwood Institute.
22 Jan. 1977
Of Mice and Men
Bob wants to add a woman to his group session and has Emily join them much to the dismay of the men.
29 Jan. 1977
Halls of Hartley
The Hartleys are upset by the rise in prices lately and think about leaving the city.
5 Feb. 1977
The Heartbreak Kidd
Bob has a female college student shadowing him for a few weeks which makes both Emily and Bob uncomfortable.
12 Feb. 1977
Death Be My Destiny
Howard had a problem on a flight which makes him afraid to fly. Bob tries to help Mr. Herd to overcome his fears and try new exciting things. However, Bob has his own frightening experience to deal with also.
19 Feb. 1977
Taxation Without Celebration
Bob not only forgets to do his taxes but also forgets his wedding anniversary. Emily plans a surprise trip.
26 Feb. 1977
Desperate Sessions
The Hartleys, Jerry and Carol are all at the bank during a robbery. Bob ends up being taken hostage.
5 Mar. 1977
The Mentor
Larry is unhappy with his job and is encouraged to start his own travel agency.
12 Mar. 1977
Shrinking Violence
Mr. Carlin is told he is misdirecting his anger towards the group. Emily is upset her car is still in the shop and takes it out on Howard.
19 Mar. 1977
You're Having My Hartley
Carol announces she is pregnant. The Hartleys are visited by The Peeper and his wife. Emily announces she also is pregnant.
24 Sep. 1977
Bob's Change of Life
The Hartleys decide to move to a new apartment. Bob has finally finished writing his book and he begins to worry about all the changes in his life.
1 Oct. 1977
Ex-Con Job
Bob is doing group therapy sessions at a prison to counsel men who will be returning to society.
8 Oct. 1977
A Jackie Story
Jerry has been having trouble meeting a woman so Carol sets him up with Jackie. However, he is very insecure in the relationship and does everything to sabotage it.
15 Oct. 1977
Who Was That Masked Man?
After having a fight with his wife, Mr. Peterson strikes up a surprising friendship with Mr. Carlin. The Hartleys go to a costume party.
22 Oct. 1977
Carlin's New Suit
Howard returns from Japan and brings Bob a beeper as a gift. Mr. Carlin is hit with a paternity suit.
29 Oct. 1977
A Day in the Life
To the dismay of Bob's patients, the Hartleys are going on a last minute vacation to New Orleans.
12 Nov. 1977
My Son the Comedian
Howard's son wants to become a comedian and shows off his talent at Bob's office.
19 Nov. 1977
You're Fired, Mr. Chips
Bob is looking for an assistant which is more difficult than it seems. Emily has a new burglar alarm system put in the apartment.
26 Nov. 1977
Shallow Throat
Bob is initially encouraged by a patient opening up in his session but soon regrets hearing what has been said.
3 Dec. 1977
A Girl in Her Twenties
While Bob is away at a conference, Emily wants to meet their reclusive neighbor - much to the dismay of Howard who is initially frightened of her.
17 Dec. 1977
Grand Delusion
While out having their tenth anniversary dinner, Bob and Emily imagine how different their lives might have been had they married other people.
24 Dec. 1977
'Twas the Pie Before Christmas
The Hartleys throw a Christmas party. However, the group gets angry with Bob when the printer screws up their Christmas cards. Their friends are also fighting with one another so no one wants to go to the party.

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