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3 Jan. 1976
No Sale
Mr. Carlin needs to raise money for a real estate deal and convinces Bob and Jerry to invest.
10 Jan. 1976
Carol at 6:01
The Hartleys notice the devotion that Larry has for Carol but it seems to go beyond the usual behavior of newlyweds. Even Carol wishes to have some time to herself once in a while.
17 Jan. 1976
Warden Gordon Borden
Meet Howard's brother Gordon Borden 'William Rdefield', a game warden - from Oregon who has a history of stealing his kid brother's wallet, skates, shirts and ... girlfriend?
24 Jan. 1976
My Boy Guillermo
Jerry is lonely and misses his former girlfriend, Courtney. She returns and they resume their romance with a new twist - she is adopting a Spanish boy and wants Jerry to be his father.
31 Jan. 1976
Duke of Dunk
The Chicago Sun Spots' star basketball player is an obnoxious hot dog whom Dr. Hartley is asked to teach the virtues of humility, teamwork and good sportsmanship.
7 Feb. 1976
Guaranteed Not to Shrink
Carol wants more from her work and job, so she goes to night school for classes. She decides to study psychology and do what Bob does. Within one or two classes, she starts analyzing everyone's every behavior - whether they want it or not.
14 Feb. 1976
Birth of a Salesman
One of Bob's patients is a shy, uncertain, non-assertive salesman. Bob tells him to be a bit more assertive to do his job. When Mr Heard tries to follow his advice, he gets injured by a home owner and decides to sue Bob.
21 Feb. 1976
The Boy Next Door
Howard gains custody of his son Howie and is ecstatic. Since Howard has to travel a lot, he asks Bob & Emily to find a babysitter for Howie. They find a beautiful woman that Jerry wants to date.
28 Feb. 1976
Peeper Two
Bob's friend Cliff, also known as Peeper, visits Bob & Emily. Emily is not thrilled. Peeper's wife kicked him out. Jerry shows Peeper how to be a swinging single.
25 Sep. 1976
Enter Mrs. Peeper
Bob's college roommate (The Peeper) is back but surprises Bob and Emily by bringing his new wife as well.
2 Oct. 1976
Caged Fury
Bob and Emily salute the Bicentennial locked in their storage room, when they go to haul up party goods. Their neighbor Howard's throwing the 4th of July costume party in his apartment, though the Hartleys are supplying everything. Emily lights the fireworks by needling paunchy Bob for having all of his exercise equipment in storage, after Bob won't get nostalgic over their wedding album. They know their friends will eventually track them down, because the Hartleys were providing the food and booze for the celebration.
9 Oct. 1976
Some of My Best Friends Are...
Bob's therapy group is looking for a new person to join them as they feel things are getting stale. Meanwhile, Bob is getting excited about his glee club's 25th reunion.
16 Oct. 1976
Still Crazy After All These Years
Carol's husband is a travel agent helping plan vacations for people in the office. Jerry is going to Mexico while Bob and Emily will visit a dude ranch in Arizona. Howard is upset that the Hartleys are leaving.
23 Oct. 1976
The Great Rent Strike
The Hartleys' landlord is MIA, when their pricey high-rise alternates between searing hot and freezing cold during a fierce Chicago winter. Psychologist Bob is so desperate, he seeks the counsel of his long-time patient Elliot Carlin, who's a predatory real-estate mogul. The notoriously abrasive Carlin luxuriates in the role reversal, insisting therapist Bob lay on his own couch, then advises Bob to launch an all-out rent strike among the aloof tenants of the lakeside apartment building.
30 Oct. 1976
Et Tu, Carol?
The doctors in the building fight over Carol's duties and she quits.
6 Nov. 1976
Send This Boy to Camp
Howard's son is going to camp and we learn that Bob never went to camp - only summer school. Meanwhile, Jerry is trying to raise money for orphans and Carol suggests that Bob, Jerry and Howard take the kids camping.
13 Nov. 1976
A Crime Most Foul
Bob has a brand new expensive tape recorder. Not only does he use it in group sessions but also annoys Emily with it at home. When it comes up missing everyone becomes a suspect.
20 Nov. 1976
The Slammer
Bob wants to go to the Loyola/Marquette basketball game. Emily is not interested but a surprise visit from The Peeper means Bob can go with his old college friend instead.
27 Nov. 1976
Jerry's Retirement
Emily's father comes to visit and brings his friend Shorty. Jerry will become rich when some property he owns is turned into a luxury hotel.
4 Dec. 1976
Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson
Jerry returns from a trip to Europe determined to find the parents who left him at an orphanage as a baby. Meanwhile Howard has taken up a new instrument.
11 Dec. 1976
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Bob's mother makes a surprise visit to announce that she and Bob's father have separated.
25 Dec. 1976
Making Up Is the Thing to Do
Bob wants to try to get his parents back together over Christmas dinner.

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